Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My sister-in-law is a wizard in the kitchen

We are smoothie junkies around our house. I am looking forward to making THIS sweet little number Stephanie posted recently. I happen to have soy milk right now, and that's a first.
(One child, {not the above-pictured, that's his brother. And that's only to add aesthetic charm and meaning to this post and to not embarrass said child with a picture of his own on such a post}, with an addiction to milk and its bi-products, is much more regular on the no/low* dairy diet. However he has had dry cereal for 4 days because the soy milk thing has not tickled his fancy yet. But regularity is his new best friend.)

*He does get chocolate milk at school. I can't deprive him of EVERY indulgence. I made him chocolate soy milk the other day, and he said it was gross. He LOVES smoothies though. I bet I can fool him.


nie nie said...

wait a minute...sarah you have this lovely blog? welcome aboard.

nie nie said...
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