Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Last night on Oprah, Dr. Oz reminded me that I need to get in shape. I love that guy! I think he was talking directly to me. Minus the part about "quit smoking" and "no more diet soda;" I think I've got those two areas down. The woman on the show who went through his 90 day plan was 42 or so, but her "true" age was 56 based on her health habits. She never drank water, never exercised, etc. etc. SO....I am ready to follow his advice. No trans fat, bring it on! Pomegranate juice, I can handle the stains. Raw almonds, I will eat you! He recommended YOGA and WEIGHT TRAINING. I really like yoga. Stephanie gave me some good yoga instruction in NM earlier this month. Maybe, just maybe, she would come over everyday and be my personal yoga guru. Dr. Oz also said a 30-year old woman should be able to do 45 bent leg push-ups (that's girl push-ups). Every decade after that, she should be able to do 5 less. Let me tell you I got on the floor right then and there to test my skills. I pushed myself to 15 then collapsed on the floor. I need help! But really, if you are a NORMAL 30+ woman and you can do 45 push-ups comfortably (not counting Stephanie, she's twenty-ish) then you deserve a prize. Please tell me if you can do it, because I need some motivation!


Mrs. Bryant said...

ah, doctor oz and his infamous "s" poop. what a stud.

girl, if you are not in shape then something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this world. the only acceptable reason that I can see for you not being able to do 45 push-ups is because a) your skinny arms are just too skinny and they can't even hold up your skinny, perfect body or b) 45 push-ups is too many push-ups. you decide.

I do not know how many push-ups I can do but if I wasn't at work right now with a skirt on, you can bet your boots that I would be doing some right now to test my skills. I'll get back to you with the results.

Mrs. Bryant said...

p.s. "skinny" is a major compliment. like, MAJOR.

Sarah said...

Liz you are too kind. And what are you doing at work on your birthday. That's a shame!

The "skinny" on this whole deal is that I have no muscle, lots of loose flab and even less endurance. I've got to get crackin'.

And I want an update on your 45 pushups.

nie nie said...


I am doing another yoga "class" with some people...trying to 2-3 times a week. If are you are really anxious, you are welcome to come all the way from QC to join us.

i think you look fab

Aimee said...

Okay, I was about to try the 45 push-up thing, but just the thought of getting my body on the floor and in push-up position was way too I bagged that idea and ate some Starbursts instead. I really need to start watching Oprah more. I could use the advice.

If I can look half as good as you after I have this baby, I 'll be totally happy.

Love the blog!

amyegodfrey said...

I got right on the floor, too and managed a most unimpressive 5. Think I'll try for 6 tonight.

Emily said...

I don't like push-ups. But I do like Dr. Oz and your blog. Love the new (?)'s darling. Anyway, I think I'm going to try to do the Oz Push-up Challenge, 'cause I like Dr. Oz and I think he gives sensible advice. I already know I'll be collapsing well before 45 though...

Neil and Diana said...

I like your header too. I can do 100 theoretical pushups.

Emily said...

I really hate push-ups because it hurts my neck (?!), but I can do 20 or so. Upper arm strength, really not my thing. Do Body Electric on PBS at 6:30.

Sarah said...

nienie, thanks for the offer. I wish I was motivated enough to drive to your house 3 times a week for yoga.

aimee, you are the most fit pregnant woman ever! You are exempt from the push-up challenge and allowed to starburst your heart out.

mom, I'm right there with you. Last night I could only do 10. Too sore from the 15 the night before.

emily, thank you. I don't know you, but you are so gracious and thoughtful.

diana, Theoretical nothing. I'm quite certain you can actually do 100 push-ups.

emily, are you doing body electric?

Did anyone else try to do 45 pushups?

Emily said...

I'm usually not awake yet, so I end up doing Buns of Steel videos in my pajamas, but I like Body Electric, and it's a decent toning exercise, even though the lady is annoying and is almost 60.