Wednesday, September 19, 2007

happy trails

a few more for the road.

Today the Craigs are on their way to Happy Valley. I am quite sad at their departure. I will miss so many things about my sister and her family: last-minute-get-togethers, Sunday dinners at her house/my house/mom + dad's house, birthday parties with the Craig kids, baby showers, talking on the phone (yeah I know I can still do that, but...), sharing baby gear, letting me hang out with her cool friends and in-laws, having a sister close enough to do my ironing if I so need it, etc. etc.

Let's look at the farewell photos for a little pick-me-up:

Dinner at Carraba's - me, emily, shauna (longtime friend), pepper (friend from college)

mark and steve telling funny stories

Sunday dinner - neil, diana, emily, steve

owen, nana, emily, norah - eager to leave norah?

OK, that's just not going to cut it. We're coming up in two weeks!


amyegodfrey said...

Thanks for posting, Sarah. We miss the Craigs so much already. Thank our stars they're only a state away! It could have been much worse. Remember those foreign service dreams of theirs? My arms look like a loggerman's arms, except it's not muscle. You know something's gotta give when Aaron pinches your upper arm in church and says, " You've got a lot of extra skin!"

Emily said...

Sarah Belle, why did you post the ugly pictures of me but conveniently left out the ones of you that you didn't like [question mark] \\There is no justice!

Actually, I'm quite touched that you like me, despite me being the younger sister who used to steal clothes out of your closet after you went to school. I will miss you, too, although this way we'll probably get more face time with the H family when we[slash]you come to visit. Can you tell I am using a Spanish keyboard and have no idea how to punctuate. But thanks for making me feel loved. And, I don't think you are mocking about the ironing, but just in case you are, please know that I was really quite serious about it.

Dinner was awes on Sunday. You are the best!

Sarah said...

No, I was not mocking about the ironing. I thought that was pretty cool of you.

I think you look great in the pictures! I'll post the others if you want.

Nancy said...

We miss the Craigs too. I don't know if my kids really understood that they moved away. But Hallie started crying after they left, so we are all sad. We'll miss the birthday parties and showers too! Good thing we all live close in the blog world!

Abby said...

You both are beautiful in all the pictures!

Can I get in on the ironing action?