Thursday, September 6, 2007


Yesterday was Jonah's 6th birthday and he chose Red Robin for his birthday dinner. But since we didn't feel like driving 35 minutes to Red Robin, we surprised him and drove 10 minutes to Applebee's. I must say, he was initially disappointed, but once inside, it's all the same really, and he was fine. No, he was quite happy.
Here's the night's script:
Waitress: Hi! Would you like anything to drink?
Me: 2 waters and three kids' rootbeers please.
drinks are delivered and all are happy.
Molly: My rootbeer tastes like Dr. Pepper.
Me: Let me taste it.
I taste Jonah's, Molly's, Jonah's, Molly's.
Yeah, that's not rootbeer.
Excuse me, Miss, I think my daughter got Dr. Pepper by mistake. Could we exchange this for a rootbeer?
Waitress: We don't have Dr. Pepper.
Me: Oh.
more sipping all the drinks to determine drink's true identity. I check the menu. Pepsi!
Me (summoning the waitress back): Miss, This is definitely not rootbeer. I think it's Pepsi.
Waitress: I filled the drinks myself. The rootbeer and Pepsi are not even close to each other.
Me (very nicely): That's weird because this tastes so much like cola. Would you mind switching this one for a new rootbeer? Maybe the syrup lines were somehow mixed.
what? does that even make sense?
Waitress (a little frustrated): Sure.
New drink delivered. Ahh, yes, now THAT is rootbeer.
A few minutes later...
Grace (after drinking 90% of her drink): Mom, I think I have Pepsi too.
Me: What? Let me taste that. Grace's, Molly's, Grace's, Jonah's, Molly's
Yeah, you both have Pepsi too. Don't ask me how earlier I determined Molly's Pepsi-ness next to Jonah's not so rootbeer-ness.
Me: Miss, I'm so sorry to bother you again, but I think all three drinks were Pepsi. Could we get the other two replaced as well? I'm so sorry.
Waitress (trying not to show her extreme frustration now): That's really strange because like I said, I filled them myself...
Me: I know but I wish you could taste this and then you'd know...
Waitress: Sure, I can take care of that for you.
Mark, in and out with very cranky and oh-so tired Owen, verified first drink's Pepsi-ness. However missed all interaction with waitress to get new drinks. Finally back now that the food is here.
Molly: Dad, guess what, we ALL had Pepsi! Can you believe that? Do you think I'll be up all night from the caffeine?
Dad: I don't know, but most rootbeer these days has caffeine too. Nice.
Molly (slightly panicked): WHAT? Oh great!
Grace: Is caffeine bad for you?
Owen: spills Molly's rootbeer.
Jonah: Mom, I love Red Robin! This is the best birthday ever!


pepper said...

I love it, what a funny story. I am glad Jonah had a wonderful birthday.

Mrs. Bryant said...

hi-lar-i-ous. happy birthday jonah!

amyegodfrey said...

That's funny. Happy, happy birthday, Jonah!!!! I'll bring your present on Saturday.

Alice said...

That was a great laugh! Happy Birthday Jonah Boy!

Emily said...

So, was it root beer all along? I think only Barq's has caffeine.
Red Robin IS the best! (Just kidding.)

Sarah said...

No I think it was pepsi mixed with rootbeer. I'm telling you the two shared a pipe somewhere. And I think you're right about Barq's, and that's what most restaurants serve isn't it? It wasn't listed on the menu.

nie nie said...

you are classic...that is totall you.

nie nie said...

i mean totally

Abby said...

So funny. Jamie and I were just wondering the other day why we LOVED Red Robin as kids.

Barqs' doesn't have caffeine in Utah. You should move to Utah.

Neil and Diana said...

I would like to siphon some pepsbeer up that waitress's nose.

amyegodfrey said...

Here, here!

amyegodfrey said...

Or is that-- hear, hear?

Tip Junkie said...

Too cute!

Nancy said...

isn't life with kids the best? I love your little snippet of life.

Mrs. Bryant said...

You did it! It looks great!

Sarah said...

yeah, thanks for the html advice Liz!

Emily said...

Your Jamie Hammond pictures look awesome. Are you going to post some?