Saturday, December 8, 2007

in seattle

This really was such a fun trip! The only downside was it was too short. I called my longtime friend Amy who lives in Redmond, but did not get to see her or her beautiful newly remodeled home. That was a bummer. Lack of time and transportation just didn't allow for us to get together. Next time Amy!
The snow was beautiful as we came out of the Seattle Temple.
Not so good for the lovely short-sleeved bride. She was a real trooper!
So Pretty.
Alice, Heidi, Stephanie, Me, Debbie, Liz, Diane, Helena, Darin
The bamboo really grows like crazy in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of gorgeous people! Where was the forest of bamboo that Mark climbed? Amye

Sarah said...

The hotel was sort of bamboo themed - it was growing everywhere and there was this huge mural downstairs in the lobby.

Abby said...

Mark is a madman.

Nancy said...

Looks like fun, looks like Mark is having too much fun with the bamboo!

LindsayKay said...

Oh the snow. I will enjoy some more for you - I will definately be ready to come back to warmer weather after 3 weeks in the REAL winter!
Funny Mark.