Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another year's gone by...

To copy my sister and sister-in-law, and everyone else, here is OUR nod to 2007:
JANUARY - Jen {of Kennewick} visits for some grand reminiscing + shopping.
No more Dynamic Orthotic Cranial Band for the O-boy.
FEBRUARY - O-boy is 1. Grandpa Bill visits.
MARCH - Plenty busy.
APRIL - 4 days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Abby comes down to watch the kids.

MAY - Camping in northern AZ with the Lees and Skibas.

JUNE - UT for Chidester wedding. Rocky Point, Mexico with my WHOLE family.

JULY - Sedona with Craigs, DeWitts, and my Scholes cousins.

AUGUST - Reunion lunch with longtime friends Irene and Angela.
Nielson Reunion at Bluewater, NM. Cardon beach house in La Jolla.
SEPTEMBER - Craigs move to UT.
OCTOBER - Fall break in UT. Hadley wedding in Lake Tahoe.
NOVEMBER- Cut my hair.
DECEMBER - Snow in Seattle for Nielson wedding.
It was a good year.


Family Journal said...

That was the cutest post! You girls truely are too cute to camp! I would l.ove to see more pictures of that trip!

Abby said...

Um, 2007 was a vacay year, no? You guys are movers and shakers.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm happy you got to have all those wonderful travels. AG