Wednesday, January 16, 2008


  • Romney Takes Michigan, McCain as Running Mate (well, some of that is true)

  • American Idol Judges Say No to Princess Leia; Yes to Mesa Mormon Nanny (You did watch, right?)
  • Amy Butler's "Midwest Modern" Mesmerizes (New fabric line releases in April. It's GORGEOUS and a little "Joel Dewberry-esque." I so love it.)


Abby said...

Yeah for Romney!
Yeah for refunds!
Boo for the American Idol judges, who only choose the same type of girls, girls who are perky and wear makeup and are blonde. (That was funny.) (Also, I kept waiting for the girl to just say she was Mormon.)
Yeah for new fabric!

Family Journal said...

Why did we buy my ring in Australia??! Why didn't we think ahead, and purchase that big of an investment from a company located with in "the land of the lawsuits"?

Sarah said...

Are you sure "American-purchased" is a requirement for the refund? If you have a receipt, I'd look into it.

Nancy said...

I just filled out my claim form, heck ya to money back! Now to find that receipt...

I'm loving the Amy Butler as well, felt sorry for the mormon nanny a little when they were making fun of her wholesomeness, and she didn't quite seem to notice. Poor girl. She was really good though.

Sarah said...

Mark just filled out a form for us too, but he said a receipt was not required. Maybe someone will ask for it later.

The Mormon nanny was really good, but she was asking to be mocked a bit when she opens the "I've never seen a rated R movie" bit. I think she was aware of, and prepared for the mocking.