Monday, January 21, 2008

A shoe by any other name would smell as sweet?

I have been eyeing these shoes since before Christmas. I think it's time to make a purchase. I wonder if I'd still like them if they were part of the "Lisa Simpson" line. I'm guessing Jessica had very little influence on this shoe. Probably as much as Bart and Homer did. MAR-KET-ING: It's not rocket-science, but it takes a keen mind, I tell ya. Who woulda thunk to slap Jessica's name on a shoe, and not Marge's?

I'm buying them, Miss Simpson.


Abby said...

Do it Sar. They're awesome. Did you see those blue shoes on Oh Happy Day from Piperlime? I like those too.

Sarah said...

Yeah, those were really cute too! It's a great color.

cardon7 said...

I have these in red...I think I like the blue better.