Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds

Things I learned at the Hannah Montana Concert Movie:
1. Miley Cyrus is a very talented girl
2. Girls ages 5 - 11 can really scream
3. There's a new animated 3-D movie coming out that looks really cute *update: Molly told me that the new 3-D movie is not a cartoon. Real people and something about the center of the earth. Obviously not paying much attention.
4. 3-D glasses give me a headache
5. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany have nothin' on Miss Montana
6. That girl is making some BANK! or should be.
7. The Jonas brothers are the hottest thing? if you're ages 5-11
8. Moms get a little kooky when taking their daughters to a "rock concert" - possibly reliving their Debbie Gibson days. PUSHY, LINING UP HOURS BEFOREHAND, DRESSING THEIR LITTLE DARLINGS TO THE NINES. Not me personally though.
9. Miley Cyrus is the granddaughter of Dolly Parton {OK, I didn't learn that at the concert, but Mark told me after the fact. Is that true? I'm too lazy to verify.}
10. My 9 year old and 6 yr old know all the lyrics to every HM song. Who knew?

unrelated note: whye is'nt my blogr spel-chek worcking?


Abby said...

Miley Cyrus has me totally perplexed. I just don't get it. And I worry about her- too much fame too young. But I'm glad the girls enjoy her.

Who's the other little girl?

Anonymous said...

I worry about her, too. However, I will confess that when I watched your kids several weeks ago, I was a willing participant in a HM marathon TV session. It's good stuff. Really. AG

Anonymous said...

Uh, no to number 9. She is the daughter of Tish Finley and Billy Ray Cyrus. Mark's pulling your leg. AG

Emily said...

Do your girls like the Naked Brothers. Why is there a Disney band named that?

Dolly has no kids, so I don't know what M's talking about.

What's with the Debbie Gibson references? Is she in the movie?

Sarah said...

Abby, thanks for spelling Miss Cyrus' name correctly. I'm obviously not president of her fan club. I too think she is headed for Brittany Spears-dom. So sad.

Mom, Mark is misinformed, as am I. Dolly does guest star on her show sometimes, so maybe that's how the rumor started.

Emily, I have never heard of the Naked Bros. But given your disdain for everything Disney, that shouldn't be surprising, right?
And no, Debbie Gibson has nothing to do with the movie, just that my friend, Aimee (who also brought her girls to the movie) and I were comparing the "it" girls of today with the "it" girls of OUR day. i.e. Debbie and Tiffany. No comparison, really.

Becky said...

Did this Movie concert feel like the "real thing"? And were mom's really being pushy about just a movie? If you go to see this again for some reason call us! I think we need to experience this crazy phenomenon for ourselves. And secretly, I think Hanna Montana songs are kinda fun (my girls love them) and if she ends up as bad off as Brit that will be big time tradgedy.

Nancy said...

My kids aren't quite old enough for this phenomenon, but we've noticed all our friends kids' loving the Hannah Montanna. And no I don't think she's Dolly's grandaughter, I don't think Dolly has any kids of her own. But she(Dolly) has been on the show a couple of times.