Monday, February 4, 2008


"The S is for Super

The U is for Unique

The P is for Perfection

And you know that we are freaks!..."

You get the idea, right? I'll be impressed if you know the rest of that rap.



Abby said...

I don't know the rest of the rap. And I have this feeling McCain is going to win and I'm depressed.

Family Journal said...

I'v got another rhym... Mitt, Mitt, bo bitt....

I am praying. I wish I could make things go MY way, in times like this!

Emily said...

The E is for exotic. The R is for rap. So tell those nosy people just to stay the hell back.

OR something like that. I feel sort of lame that I am not registered to vote.

Sarah said...

Look at you, Emily! Cursing on my blog and everything.

We will be here when you come in April. Our trip is the weekend before yours. COOL!