Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Look what I've been missing at Ikea (I'm too tired for links):

I love this Hemnes table. I've seen this in person and it's bigger than it looks. Too wide for a nightstand, too small for a kitchen table. It'd be great as a game table or in a small breakfast nook.
Love this little Hemnes dresser I first saw at OhHappyDay. Too tall for a nightstand in our room with low windows. What about as a foyer table? Love this lamp I first saw at Designmom. There must be a cute little spot for you in our home. Comes in black and white too.
Saw this frame on New Year's Eve at Becky's house. She framed some really cute Amy Butler fabric with a big black family initial. Love it.
I will try to find a home for you all. Especially you of the Hemnes furniture family.

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Abby said...

This post is timed all to perfectly, Sar. Wendy just gave me an Ikea gift card for my birthday! Love it all, especially the table.