Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All's Well in Zion

Last week, my entire family gathered in St. George to enjoy southern Utah's finest, which included hiking Zion. My parents, who have been to every national park in the west, planned a perfect hike for adults and children alike in the waters of the Narrows. Awesome.
Here we are devouring pizza and hamburgers before the big hike.
Here's the big tree that shaded our pizza/hamburger fest.
Here's a brand new camera.
Here's a comfortable boy.
Here's some mental prepping for the big hike.
Here's laughing in the face of authority.
Here's a walking stick stabilizing its owner.
And here's more stabilizing.
Here's the beautiful canyon.
Here's our party planner making her way out of the mud.
Here's a boy and the stick of his dreams.
Here are some more sticks.
Here's one tired boy.
Here's to a great trip! Thanks for the memories!


Abby said...

cute pics! love the sleeping owen one. we miss that little dude. all of you, actually.

Emily said...

Mmm, the pizza shot is muy flattering!

Anonymous said...

That rear shot of me is the best reason EVER to go on a weight reduction plan!
Anyway, I lOVED the hike. These photos are great! AG

russandkatie said...

that's funny we were in St. George too!

jennifer said...

Looks like fun! I need to visit S. Utah soon; it's been way too long. And Emily, I was actually just thinking that you looked cute in the pizza shot. Or rather, you can tell by the photo that you are, in fact, a very cute person, even while chewing pizza.