Wednesday, October 29, 2008

saturday is a special day

Saturday was busy. Cheered for Jonah at flag football in the morning. Took the girls to the Benefit Garage Sale for Christian and Stephanie. Met the very kind people hosting the sale.
Found this almost-complete set of 14 adorable vintage children's readers. {only 12} Put the books on hold and then off to the nearby bakery to get some cash {and a huge brownie for the girls + my favorite granola} so I could pay for said books: The Children's Hour set, published in 1953.

Back at home, burned 65 cds for our church primary program.
Grocery shopped.
Helped my sister at the will-call table for the Mindy Gledhill benefit concert.
Cried much as my darling nieces sang for their mom and dad.
Loved the whole concert!
Found Mindy to be very entertaining and talented.
Met and chatted with Jaimee Rose {AZ Republic journalist behind the recent articles on S + C}.
Visited with old friends.
Posed for this picture with my cute sister and cute mom.
Gave my camera to Darin who snapped a photo of Mindy and my nieces and nephew.

Brought home THE silhouette cookies (YUM!) for our kids. They were thrilled!
And Christian came home.


Anonymous said...

I had a busy Saturday, too! The concert was absolutely wonderful. I keep playing Mindy's CD. I'm a new fan! AG

Emily said...

I'm getting some of your voluminous traffic, thanks to your link.

Someday you'll post a picture of me that is flattering. My fault, not yours.

Sarah said...

Voluminous. Nicely used. And I think the photo of you is quite nice, and flattering.

Emily said...

OK. Please don't be creeped out that I blog stalked you, but... I'm an aquaintence of Stephanie & Christian's. I remember a quilt that Nicholas had (adorable) and Steph said her SIL Sarah had made it. I stumbled on your blog and realized you are the talented gal! Do you sell your works of art? If not, ever consider it?

Sarah said...

Yes. Sometimes. I will email you with details.

Melissa said...

Crazy weekend! I love the picture of you, your mom and sister. So cute!

Abby said...

very cute pic of the g. girls. the books sound like an awesome find! are you doing thanksgiving with us in tucson or no?

Angela said...

I love those books. We grew up with them and I ended up buying a set on ebay for my kids. I'm missing one too, but I still love the memories I get when I look at them.

Sarah said...

really? that makes me like them even more. are you missing volume 3, like me? makes me wonder what's in volume 3?

Angela said...

Nope, I'm missing Volume 5. That seems like the hardest one to get. I got one and gave it to my mom because someone had borrowed hers. I kind of like seeing it missing because I know it's hanging with my mom's books (the ones I read when I was little) Volume 3 is "Old Time Favorites" short stories from Little Women, Robinson Caruso, Heidi (Stories like that)BTW, We need to get together with Irene for lunch now that I'm here in town :)