Friday, November 14, 2008


I don't remember where I saw these advent bags originally (I'll figure it out), but I do know you can buy them here on etsy. I love the idea of the kids opening a little bag each day of December. And the trick would be to fill them with non-candy items, as 50% of our children have accepted the challenge to not eat candy for 1 year, and that year is winding down. The reward? 100 smackers. {Just to clarify: they DO get to choose 3 days during the year to have candy. Our kids chose Valentines Day, Easter and Halloween (or the day after). Also, they CAN have cookies, cake, ice cream, etc. Just not candy. Mark did it for 3 years as a kid. I don't think I could make it. The stakes would have to be higher. And even then, not so sure. I'm really proud of them for wanting to do this.}
A special note? A coupon to do something with just mom? What would you put in them?


Emily said...

It could be fun to have a piece of a Nativity in each one and they can add it to the manger each day. Or a Christmas story to read together. You know, channel your inner spiritual realm, Sarah.

David Baker asked about you on facebook today. Does that make you want to join the fun yet?

Elizabeth said...

How about...

a gold dollar coin
travel toothbrush & mini toothpaste
shaped bath oil packet
paper gift certificate (Wendy's?)
popcorn kernels (for popping!)
origami papers
movie ticket
mini markers
beads or shells
chapstick/lip smacker
silly slogan button (like a pin)
fizzy drink tablets
mini frame
jingle bells
magnetic poetry pieces
bouncy ball
playing cards
packet of cocoa mix
top (spinner)

Just some ideas!

Angie said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pattern with me!! I really feel like I just hit the jackpot... I should pay you for the pattern! I bet you could sell it ALL over the place. I am so excited to make one.

Since you like to sew, I thought I would share a little project I just made. Retro Aprons. I Love them. I actually made them for Claire and Jane, and I will send them next week! (Side note: I don't know you , or any of your family personally. I have been following your family members closely sice the accident. Christian, Stepanie and their gang are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Stephaine's life has made my own better. I feel like I am a better mother because of the kind of mother she is. Also, since her crash, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. I have felt hope and strengh in the middle of this trial, because of your family. Thank you. Sorry, really long side note.)

Anyway, I made these aprons for Claire & Jane and am now working on one for my 5 year old girl who fell in love with it while she saw me working on theirs. If you are interested, leave me your email and I will go into details. They are super cute and not too hard. The possibilities are endless with all the cute fabric and ric rac out there. The length of this comment is embarrising.
Thanks again!!
P.S. You should be selling your quilts in little shops, if you aren't already. They are darling.

Melissa said...

That is about the cutest idea EVER! I will have to think on that one.....what would I put in them.
I love the no candy for a year thing. I need to sign up for that one. No cookies too.

Gray Family said...

I love the little bags - what a great idea - we are big on the advent calendars around here and that is a super fun way, a surprise instead of the traditional chocolate. I guess I could have both, no way am I giving up chocolate!

Gina and David said...

This are adorable. No candy for a year? I couldn't even do that! I'd probably stuff chocolate cupcakes in the pretty white bags! Kidding...

Amy said...

Hmmmm no candy for a year would mean I'd have nothing to bribe the children with!
Movie passes or lotto scratchers would be a special treat. And this is such a cute idea - way more exciting than a candy cane tied to a felt tree (like my advent calendar!)

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! Liz, it's like you're my own private search engine. I love it! Now, how and when could I make these? Because you know they would look soo cute tied to the Christmas tree!

michelle rasor said...

i just joined facebook. funny all the hawks on there (apollo hawks, remember? ;) you may remember a few... it is quite humoring, though!
i love this idea! so cute! i think i may have to buy!
so why no candy for a year? i know there must be some really inspiring reason. i like it. a challenge.

ellen said...

I would put little notes of nice things to do for other people.

abby said...


Sarah said...

I'd love to see your cute aprons. So nice of you to make them for Claire and Jane. {sarahhaslip at gmail dot com}

Jenni said...

Tell Molly I'm sorry for bringing candy and junk to class! No candy sounds like a great idea to me!

I love your blog entries.

Sarah said...

Molly saves any candy she gets for her next "candy day." So don't think she doesn't love it! Even better, she is learning to share with her mom without feeling resentful that she can't have it. I like this arrangement.

Jessica Lowenthal said...

which 50%?

Sarah said...

the females. the males opted out January 2.

JenJ said...

Way cool, loving the no candy and these cute little bags!!!!! Puzzle pieces, clues to something, goals, 25 reasons they are loved....hmmm. I like.

Sarah said...

nice ideas jen. clues to something sounds like fun!