Wednesday, February 25, 2009


While looking for a picture of this quilt,I also found this
and this.
Don't we all look so young? This was pre-Owen, pre-marriage, pre-engagement even. But I did surprise Mark with that quilt for Christmas, so that's probably what cinched it for him. We were engaged the next month.


amyraye said...

Yes, so crazy how quickly time flies and how much younger you can look even just 6 years ago.
totally reminded me of when I met Mark for the first time at my mom's house (after church?). and I didn't know he'd come with you to my mom's house, and I was just gushing about how great I thought he was and how excited I was for you and then he pops out from behind you. I know you guys thought I was joking and that I really just said those things because I knew he was there. But I seriously had no idea he was right there. I still think he's amazing, and I'm so happy for you guys. You are a gorgeous couple and family and it's so great to see you so happy again, Sarah.
thanks for sharing those pics. i really need to figure out how to use my scanner.

amyraye said...

oh- and i totally recognize that quilt. that made me smile, too.

Sarah said...

Thanks Amy. I am glad you reminded me of that story. I love it! I had forgotten about that.

Yes, that's a Nevada knock off. I don't even know if there's a pattern for it, or if she just made it up. I remember going over to the house and asking if she had any ideas for a quilt for Mark, and I saw this one and loved it.

Do you have one like this too?

Sarah said...

Officially, this was taken a little over 5 years ago. But who's counting?

amyraye said...

totally funny. I know it doesn't matter either, but I would have to point that out too (about the 5 verses 6 years thing), because it would bug me to let that untruth be in there without addressing it. i did the 2009 -2003 math and wasn't thinking about 2003 being december.
this is funny, too: i don't think my sister staci reads your blog, but if she did she would totally laugh that you give my mom credit for these quilts because THEY'RE ALL FROM STACI!! She's the real quilter. You would LOVE her house and her quilts. I'll have to hook you guys up some time so you can be each other's quilting inspiration.
and, no, don't have that quilt personally (but probably have some of the pieces cut out in a huge ziploc bag somewhere so I can finish it someday).

Gina and David said...

what, What, WHAT??? You weren't married when you had your first 3 kids? Ok, now this needs to be a blog post. I know I missed about 15 years of your life from high school until last year, but I'm just sitting here with my jaw open. Can't wait to hear this story, if you'll share that is.

P.S. That's an awesome quilt.

Sarah said...

OK, so I just realized I posted this same family Christmas picture last year. I had no recollection of that. I am losing it. my mind, that is.

I think you and I have a lot of catching up to do since high school. The long and short of it is that we were both married before. I had two kids, he had one. We were very blessed to be set up by my friend and his sister-in-law. Too much to write in the comments of my blog. Do I have your email address?

Aimee's Family Journal said...

You guys were so meant to be. That looks like a happy family photo, and one would never know that was a "we're just dating" picture! And you made candy buttons! Holy cow. I am like a sponge when I visit your blog. So cool!

Gina and David said...

Holy cow! I had no idea. wow! my e-mail is I'd love to hear the whole scoop! ;o)

Jessica said...

I have been blog jogging for months looking for the perfect hair cut. I love your hair in the picture where you are wearing the yellow sweater--perfect. I'm taking it in to my hairdresser next month.

Great blog!

abby said...

i remember completely coveting that pink skirt. and wearing it to your reception and looking like a cow.

but the real point i want to make here, besides that i love you guys, is that grace and pearl look so much alike and i'm the only one who thinks it.

Sarah said...

Jessica, I hope the haircut works out! Always helps when I have a picture.

Abby, that makes me happy. If Pearl looks like Grace, then Grace must look like me, at least a little. I see the likeness (bet. P and G) a little. I'd like to put some pictures side by side to verify.

Gina and David said...

Hey Sarah. I don't need the whole scoop. You gave me the cliffnote version. I get the jist, gist? Whatever? You're obviously happy now and that's all that matters. :o)