Thursday, February 26, 2009

red stripe

The laundry and dishes need some attention. Tonight's dinner needs some consideration too. BUT another quilt, for a friend's baby, is done. This is the back, and it's my favorite side.
The fabric is mostly from a line called "Chocolat" by 3 Sisters for Moda. I used this same fabric for a quilt for Liz a few years ago. But I failed to get a picture of that one because I literally finished it moments before giving it to her.
This photo is a bit washed out. It looks better in person.

Liz, could you send me a shot of said quilt. Merci.


ArocaFamily said...

Oh, I know. I remember when you were pregnant with Owen and now he tells us at Nursery about how you make him eggs for breakfast and he likes Ketchup from McDonalds. I love this age. Everything is fun and exciting!

Angie said...

Thanks for the button tips. I am really excited to make some. My little sister is pregnant with her 1st baby. I thought it would be fun to make bunch with the Sugar baby tag, and give them out at her baby shower...

Also, I love the idea of having a random back on a quilt. SO cute. I will have to do that for my next one. Thanks. Love your blog.


Aimee's Family Journal said...

Wow! I wonder if the owner of that quilt will get any sleep tonight? She is probably really greatful, VERY excited about your creation, and amazed at how perfectly it matches that babys room!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad!

merideth said...

you are making me want to quilt again. i love it.

Becky said...

Beautiful work, Sarah! Very Denyse Schmidt like with the red stripe on the back.

♥Lucky♥Holly♥ said...

Hi Sarah,

I have just begun a beginers quilting course. You inspired me that much! I am a block behind (dang ohio star) but am determined!

Thanks for your pictures!


Sarah said...

Lucky Holly,
That ohio star is always fun. Triangles can be tricky. I am glad you found something you love. I really should follow suit and take a class myself sometime. My quilting training has been very informal, but a class would be so fun and I know I'd learn lots.

♥Lucky♥Holly♥ said...

Oh Sarah you've never taken a class?! I am so IMPRESSED (and a little envious)!

Wish I had a natural flair for straight seams but I'm working on it ;-)

Which pattern did you use for this yummy creation?

Sarah said...

I have had some very talented friends "tutor" me.

This quilt started out to be a Yellow Brick Road, but then halfway through, I abandoned the rest of the cutting and directions and just laid it out as is. I was in the mood for something more original, I guess.