Tuesday, March 24, 2009

yesterday i

  • sent my kids back to school after 2 weeks and 1 day of spring break
  • dropped owen off at grandma's
  • clogged my heart out for an hour - irish style
  • spent almost 2 hours at scrapbooks etc. where I fed my love of all things paper - that place is incredible - you've got to check it out if you haven't been in awhile. my friend, heidi, was my personal paper assistant and showed me how to use the new (to me) die cut presses and allowed me to browse through the amazing library of huge die cuts, acrylic everything, and ribbons, albums, paper, buttons. this is the mothership of bazzill paper - born and raised in mesa.
  • went to tia rosa's for lunch with mark - veggie burro with green enchilada sauce - perfect food, perfect date.
  • ran into some old 7th warders at tia rosa's - sally, tricia, liz, emily, etc.
  • visited with mother in law and sister in law for almost an hour about summer plans and such
  • picked up a sonic cherry lime-ade for the road
  • welcomed the kids home from school with snacks and the rest of my cherry lime-ade
  • thought about quilting - nope
  • thought about blogging about disneyland - nope
  • welcomed mark home
  • taxied the girls to piano lessons and back
  • talked to my sister in utah
  • set up my amazon universal wish list - thanks for the tip reachel
  • made dinner - terriyaki chicken (a la costco) & rice, salad with homemade citrus vinaigrette - thanks martha
  • dreamed that my mother/daughter friends, nevada and amy, who introduced me to free-motion quilting and gave me the quilting addiction, told me i needed to throw everything i know about quilting out the window and start over. basically that i was doing everything wrong. ahhhhh!


Gina and David said...

That's quite a list. I'm tired just reading it. Didn't know you clogged. I made terriyaki chicken last week too from Costco. I threw in a bunch of veggies and rice and it was dinner in 10 minutes. Of course, we had homemade eggrolls too, but I freeze them, so that prep was another day. Can't wait to hear about disneyland.

Sarah said...

I am impressed. Homemade eggrolls? Sounds so good.

Church Fam said...

What a day and you still had snacks waiting for after school. Now I'm sitting here wondering how to stop this craving for mexican food. MMM tia rosa

Emily said...

I ran into the Piersons at Tia Rosa's once, too. And I'm wanting a limeade from Sonic now, dang it.

Emily said...

Yesterday was Melissa's birthday. It's sad to me that she didn't get to go to lunch with her sisters.

Sarah said...

yesterday was also Sally's birthday. They share the same birthday?

Sarah said...

rosa's AND cherry limeade...together. that would be so good.

amyraye said...

so great that you still clog.
so jealous you have a "grandma" (maybe 4 of them?) close-by that you can drop owen off to.
can't wait to hear about disneyland. i love that place. overwhelming to post about vacations, though.
never been to tia rosa's; like cafe rio? will have to try it. i'm planning a long road trip this summer to arizona.
funny thing about your dream; we may have introduced you to quilting, but you have far surpassed us in your talent and passion. your quilts are beautiful.
are you scrapbooking again- or doing other paper arts?

Sarah said...

tia rosa's is a sit-down restaurant in mesa with a little "cantina" next door for more casual and fast service. same food at both. when you come this summer, let's go together. when are you coming? that's be fun!

i am not scrapbooking. i have plans to get all of my pictures in books, but using mostly photos sleeves, with the occasional cuteness added in. i am too far behind to do more than that. i guess i can only have one big hobby right now.

abby said...

i want a day like that. and i didn't know you were clogging again- cool!

ArocaFamily said...

Sarah, I know Nevada's kids Pepper and Amy. We were next door neighbors in Provo. Do you know them? That is so weird!

Kirstin Aroca

Sarah said...

Yes, I grew up with the Harwards. Pepper married Amy (which is who I suppose you know) and he also has a sister Amy.


JenJ said...

SO happy you are clogging!!!

jennifer said...

Since when do you clog? I knew nothing about it. Details!

Sarah said...

I clogged at BYU then took a long hiatus and started up again about a6 years ago, then another long hiatus. I just started again in October. I love it!

jennifer said...

That is so fantastic. Do you take a regular class? For adults? Did you take a class at BYU? Why haven't you ever shown me any of your moves? I take full credit for launching your dance career in the humble beginnings of our backyard trampolines. :)

Sarah said...

I have always given all dance credit to you, naturally: "He's just a runaway, run-away, he'll run and break your heart. uh, uh, uh, uh. He'll haunt you night and day, run-away..."

Please tell me you remember that.