Thursday, August 27, 2009

older than me

My brother, Ryan, has always been ahead of his time. He knew much about computers and Rubik's cubes before computers and Rubik's cubes were even on the radar. At least my radar. One year in the early 80's, I was pulling for a trampoline for Christmas. Ryan was pulling for a computer. In the end, the tramp won out, (do you know how much computers cost back then?!!! And what could they do, really?) but he was a pretty good sport about it. I believe he did get that Rubik's cube.
Today is Ryan's birthday. AND his first child's BIRTH day was just a few weeks ago. I know he'll be a great dad. Alice is her name. Isn't that cute?
Congratulations Ryan! And Happy Birthday! We love you!


abby said...

great post. i love the idea of ryan as a dad. can't wait to witness him in action.

(i'll forgive the cow pictures.)

Sarah said...

i am a cow participant too.

Emily said...

Finally, a picture where I look sort of thin. Happy birthday, Ryanoceros. Please come visit us soon.

amyegodfrey said...

He has indeed been ahead of his time. He has always kept us on our toes. Ryan is fantastic dad material. Alice is a lucky girl. Happy Birthday, Ryan. We love you.

The Dinner Belle said...


I snuck onto your blog from Hilary's. :) Congratulations on your babies to come!!!! How exciting. And your quilts are fabulous - but then again YOU and everything you've always done is fabulous! Wouldn't it be great to get together sometime?!


Ryan said...

Sarah and everyone,

A belated thank-you for your kind words and birthday wisheries.

I clearly need to bust out the old Rubik's Cube!

jennifer said...

Ryan, I believe I was around for those Rubik's cube days..not to mention "Risk" and "Facts in Five" (has anyone else on the planet heard of that game??) All of it was cued to Manhattan Transfer, of course. Oh, those were the days.

Happy Birthday! And congrats on Alice. She is beautiful, and I love the name, too.

AliceK[i]ND said...

Yes, that is a cute name. :)

Sarah said...

Your memory is remarkable. Facts in Five? I totally forgot about that one!