Tuesday, September 29, 2009

swiss? danish? tongan? american red cross?

My brother and sister-in-law just had their first baby, of the girl variety. She is beautiful. She's also not really into pink, or so her hip parents tell me. So I remembered a quilt I saw on Kelly McCaleb's blog and was inspired to make something similar. (Kelly is very talented and even has a pattern on her etsy site for this quilt. I highly recommend purchasing it, as it would have been much easier and less time consuming if I'd had it.)
Here's the back.
Congratulations R + J and WELCOME baby Alice! Red is the new pink.


lizzy said...

Killer cute Sarah. When are you going to post pics of your new kitchen?

abby said...

is the kitchen done? i want to see too. i have a feeling alice will adore this quilt. gorgeous!

G-rant said...

i LOVE it!! nice work.

G-rant said...

g-rant is me (kelly mccaleb). oops, sorryl

Nancy said...

I love it, I remember Kelly's both are fabulous. Also I cannot believe you are quilting pregnant with twins! Do you get backaches?

Sarah said...

liz and abby,
still working on final kitchen touches. soon.

thanks for the inspiration. i don't know how you come up with such cute stuff! i'm a big fan!

thanks. it is getting a bit awkward. mostly the cutting and laying everything out on the floor. but it's now or never, or at least "now or not for a long while."

NieNie said...

your cutest yet!!!

pam said...

LOve the quilt. To think you did it out of your own head with just a little inspiration! and in your condition! It really is very nice. Lucky new niece.

a little bit biased said...

I just wandered on your blog while visiting someone's blog who had left me a comment :) I love this quilt and the one below for your sister-n-law Liz and especially the 8 ball shirt. What an awesome idea for a pregnancy tee.

Have a great day!