Wednesday, November 25, 2009

stripes for tate

i am finally getting around to posting a few things that have been done for awhile. this quilt was something new for me. i like how it turned out. i hope baby tate and his parents like it too.


Naylor Family said...

I really like the stripes. Anything you do is amazing. I have one lucky nephew! And, let me know what I can do for you please.

Lucky ♥ Holly said...

So gorgeous! Which fabric did you use?

Sarah said...

Thanks Naylor family!

Lucky Holly,
It's a mix of Moda's Arcadia and some Moda upholstery weight fabrics that I bought years ago. Don't know their names. I wish I knew because I'd like to find more.

Lucky ♥ Holly said...

Love Moda, period!
Thanks Sarah.

Amy said...

This is just what I needed to see today Sarah! I was looking through quilt patterns this morning because I'm bored with squares and don't have time for triangles. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

merideth said...

i love the stripe quilts.... i so want to make one of these.

Ali B. said...

lovely stripes! do you do the quilting yourself?

Sarah said...

Ali B.,
Yes, I do my own quilting. thanks for your nice comment.