Friday, December 18, 2009


steve is emily's SIGNIFICANT other. to know him is to love him.he is a great cook, creative writer, gifted painter, talented singer. we call him the renaissance man in our family.
he is easy-going and has a talent for making people feel comfortable, no matter what.
happy birthday steve! {yesterday.} thanks for marrying my sister. We love you!


Nancy said...

I remember learning the term renaissance man and thinking, "hey, that's my brother." So we call him that in our family too, Happy Birthday Stevie!

Emily said...

Sarah, that is a good observation that Steve is good at making people feel comfortable. When he chooses to, and engages, he can definitely do that. Thanks for the nice tributes for us! I'll make sure he sees this.

Emily said...

And don't think I didn't catch the inside joke.

Emily said...

Thanks Sarah. You and Mark are both talented at remembering people and making them feel good about themselves.

I hope you guys have a nice Christmas, even though we won't get to see you.

And as long as Nancy's here -- hi Nancy, thanks for the text. See you on Sunday.


amyegodfrey said...

Oh, yes, we love Steve. He does everything well! Especially the artistic things. He's a hard one to top. He's a terrific husband and father, and he's got a cool job. Happy Birthday, Steve. AG

Becky said...

Sign me up for the "accolades for Stephen" Club! I love that guy and count my self lucky to claim him as a brother! Among his many talents he chose a great wife and made a great family with her.
You'll have to let us in on the significant other jokes. Happy Birthday, brother Stevie!

Sarah said...

I recently sent E and S a birthday card and spelled "significant" wrong. Instead of breaking the seal on the envelope to fix it, I mailed it and forewarned them about it. Dumb really. It just bothered me that I didn't fix it, and that it even bothered me at all.

jennifer said...

I've only met Steve once, Mark a couple of times, but I'm big fans of both of them. Handsome devils! With pretty wives, of course. You guys have a great family--always have.