Sunday, January 17, 2010

superfluous photos and thoughts

happy... sad in an instant.

on my mind:
  • The babes are 2 months old. I can hardly believe it.
  • Not identical {obviously} as once thought by drs and ultrasound techs.
  • Kids are having fun getting them to smile.
  • Weight check: Hank - 10 lbs 4 oz. George - 9 lbs 11 oz - both plumping up nicely.
  • They are really very good babies, but they toggle back and forth between happy and sad effortlessly.
  • Last week we were so excited when they slept 8 and 9 hours, 2 nights in a row. They were just teasing though. Sleeping IS getting better everyday {she says with hope}.
  • I am LOVING playing with my new camera. I have much to learn.
  • {Regarding lost photos} Do you know how much data recovery costs? You don't want to know. I don't want to know either. Except I DO know and I am sick. How do you NOT pay to get your life in photos back? 6 years worth.
  • Finally got a new vacuum with Christmas money from parents. Hoover bagged Windtunnel. Love it! It got super reviews from Consumer Reports. Better than the Dyson. Sorry Dyson fans. I'm sure it's a good vacuum too. Thanks for all your advice {a year ago}. My mom and sister think I'm crazy for spending one ounce of energy/thought on buying a new vacuum. Probably Mark too, but he supports me anyway.
  • Thinking about a trip to St. Kitts in a year or so?
  • My crossed-over leg is asleep with George on it. It's either that, or type with one hand, which is what I usually do, and it is so very slow.


abby said...

oh i'm just dying over how cute they are! hank and george, quit playing games with my heart. i want to hooooold youuuuuu.

good job on the vacuum.

good job on thinking about a trip. it does my heart good.

what camera did you get???!

amyegodfrey said...

I am thrilled with these photos! The boys are too cute for words. They actually look more like each other than they did a few weeks ago, don't you think?

Emily said...

Oh, so big, so gorgeous!

amyraye said...

i love that i get to comment right after the 3 godfrey girls. :)
so cute, and one is so godfrey and the other clearly a haslip. love when it's that obvious.

sorry you had to shell out the big bucks to get your photos back. but i think it's totally worth it.

i'm also curious as to what kind of camera you got?

thanks for stealing some time away from your family to update.

Sarah said...

abby and amyraye,
it's rhe nikon d90.

yes, i think they are looking more like each other and at the same time so distinct, as amyraye said.

Stepi said...

Wow! What beautiful boys! What fun!! And what work!!!!!! You are obviously doing a great job.

I also feel your pain about photos lost. We are still holding onto an old hard drive that I want to salvage things from eventually. Sad.

Sarah said...

yeah, that's what i told mark. maybe we just hang on to the thing and wait. maybe recovering our lost files will become cheaper in the future.

we could send a child to a year of college for what it's going to cost now.

Becky said...

Sarah! They are so, so cute.
I love that you: got to get a bit o sleep, even if it was a fluke & that you still think about vacuuming. Really, get the roomba. That way you can vacuum, type and hold a baby all at the same time.

The new camera shots look great!

Sarah said...

ahhh, the roomba! i see that at costco and think of richard. someday maybe i'll need two vacuums and i'll splurge and get the roomba. do you guys seriously have no need for an upright? the roomba does it all?

Emz said...

Omgosh- they are amazing. The best looking baby boys. Seriously. [those killer smiles don't hurt either ;) ].

erin said...

Oh Sarah, those boys are just so yummy! And, for the record, you are one woman who seems to glow despite the sleep deprivation. Love your photos. I'm glad you are enjoying your new camera (and sad about your lost photos). Are they on the hard drive, but you just can't get to them? I've just got an external hard drive, but now I'm worried that may not be enough!

Sarah said...

all of our photos were on a separate hard drive. some mechanism that reads the information within the drive broke, and there is no way to fix it. it's a pretty new drive(within the last 2 or 3 years), but i guess now there are newer hard drives with no such mechanism. i haven't invested much time in really understanding the details of the problem. i just know that it is not a good prognosis, especially if that broken mechanism has damaged some/all of our files. and we won't know that until they are recovered. and paid for.

Elizabeth said...

The boys are just beautiful, Sarah. What love!

Lindsay Kay said...

Boys : Darling.

Camera : Jealous.

Photos : Sad. (I burn all photos onto DVDs and keep many copies at different houses. I also use my external drive. Crazy paranoid, I know.)

Vacuum : Little joys to make us happy.:) Whatever it takes.

Evaluation : You are amazing! Miss ya.

ArocaFamily said...

Sarah - I am so glad that you got some good nights of sleep! Sounds like you are doing well these days. Please keep in mind that I would love to help in any way!

Gina said...

Sarah, those boys are just too cute! How adorable. Noah keeps teasing me with sleeping through the night. He'll sleep like a champ for a night and the next night, he's up 3 times. I don't get it. We'll get a full 8 hours at some point.

sorry about the hard drive. I had a bunch of pics on a disc, but they will disappear over time and they did! Luckily, it wasn't the kids as babies, but it was David and I on our honeymoon and such. I guess we'll have to go to St. Lucia and take some more! :o)

Sarah said...

really? you lost your wedding photos? and do images really not last on a disc? that's not good.

Jennifer said...

Sarah, your boys are gorgeous. Absolutely darling. I love it when they start to fill out and their features come out. 8 hours of sleep? Wonderful. Sleep is the best. I am a big fan. At least maybe it recharged you a bit for more sleeplessness.

I am so sorry about your photos, too. Maybe the silver lining is that it's less you have to feel guilty about not scrapbooking? :)
(See how sentimental I am?)

Nancy said...

seriously don't pay $500 (that's what my friends cost) just fly Austin down, he could probably recover your photos, he did it for me once, the computer was caput, but he totally got ALL of my pictures for me. And if he can do it you probably have a friend out there who could. Actually Mandy Cannon's husband could totally do it for cheaper than the Nerd Herd or whatever they call themselves, and he is already in AZ. If you want their number give me an email or call!

Emily said...

Sarah, They are just beautiful. And I LOVE the pictures. They are fabulous (don't you absolutely love a high-quality camera - makes a huge difference). From a mom who's been there recently (my boys are 8 months), just hang in there with the sleeping! When I think back to those first few months with my babies, it's like an out-of-body experience. I know I did it, and I somehow survived, but it feels like a dream. It will get better, and they will amaze you at their ability to sleep through movement and noise. Out boys got used to sleeping together. We just separated them last week (they were crawling on each other's heads in the same crib), and they crawl to the corners and "talk" to each other. Breaks me heart.

And can I just say "Thank heaven for binkie babies." Sounds silly, but when I was pregnant, I actually prayed that my boys would take binkies. Such a lifesaver!

You are doing great!!!

pam said...

Don't believe them when child psychologists tell you that children this young can't really smile. Your boys look so happy and smiling.

Sarah said...

To anyone reading these comments: We have since bought a Dyson and I don't know what my problem was in 2010. It is my favorite and everyone loves to vacuum now.