Monday, February 1, 2010


A few weeks ago, my father-in-law officially became a septuagenarian. To celebrate, by mother-in-law planned a "1940 USO Canteen" party. So fun.
Most of us dressed the part. Love that hair Maddie!
But some didn't. For the record, I was wearing my 1940-esque blue shirt-dress and heels. The rest of my family did not get into the spirit, but then (a few) regretted their decision when we arrived and saw the fun hair-dos and clothes their cousins and aunts and uncles donned. I totally coveted Maddie's hair.
Mary + Alice looked so good. Those are real tears.
Little George.
Almost out in one breath.
Cute Jane.
Sweet hair Debbie.
Dave and Diane.
Colin's old-school scout hat.
Alice. Look at that hair. Perfect.
Carol looked straight out of the 40's.
Mary the Riveter.


abby said...

what a fun idea!! everyone looks awesome.

amyraye said...

your hair is so shiny, sarah! i think you fit right in with your cute blue-collared dress. :)

Church Fam said...

The hair do's are cracking me up.

Gray Family said...

I love the theme idea! I may have to steal that one! Love the hair-do's! And Sarah you always look stylish no matter what the time period!

Neil and Diana said...

That looks like so much fun! It was such a thoughtful idea. Did Mark's dad have a good time?

Shell in your Pocket said...

What a wonderful idea...and party!

You all look great!

Sandy Toe

amyegodfrey said...

That party is sure to be remembered for a long time!

Emily said...

How fun! Alice's hair really does look great.

Muche's Smala said...

How cool! I like the last picture the best...and the one with George ;)

JenJ said...

Wow. That was really really cool. I am super impressed and want to copy somehow

Becky said...

I a a soft spot in my heart for adults who dress in costume for a party! Especially a non-Halloween party. Extra points to the in-laws for throwing a grand time for all!