Monday, April 5, 2010

Perfect for Easter

We no longer have eggs in our nest.
We have baby birds.

Mark got the wreath down to show my parents the eggs and we found this instead. I don't know that they look like birds {yet}, but they are definitely not eggs.  This is crazy.  

Other exciting Easter news:  
1.  The kids colored eggs on Saturday.  We also had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  
2.  On Saturday and Sunday, we watched General Conference.  It was so good.  I especially loved the talks by Julie Beck, Jeffrey Holland, Russell Ballard, Henry Eyring, David Bednar and Neil Anderson.  That might have to be a whole separate post - I'll post links when they are available.  Seriously.  Awesome.
3.  Our parents came over for a casual Easter lunch:  Delicious ham and turkey sandwiches, pasta salad, fresh strawberries, chips and salsa, Martinelli's, pineapple cake, and chocolate/caramel covered apples.   

4.  We looked through the pictures of my parents' trip to see my sister in St. Kitts.  What a beautiful place.

5.  As Mark was out front saying goodbye to them, I looked out back and noticed the water in our pool sloshing around, splashing over the edge.  It was not windy at all.  But the water was moving, bigtime.  I couldn't figure out what was going on.  I asked the kids if they had thrown something in.  They hadn't.  Mark came back in and briefly panicked, thinking someone was in there.  Seconds later, the phone rang,  it was Mark's mom who had left earlier and was already home.  She asked if we felt the earthquake.  Earthquake?  She said her house shook for 30 seconds.  I looked up at our chandeliers.  They were swaying.  None of us felt the earth move, but the pool and chandeliers confirmed her report.  

Sure enough, there was a 7.2 earthquake centered in Baja California.  We are 210 miles away from the epicenter. 



abby said...

all these earthquakes are freaking me out. can't believe you experienced some of it.

the nest pictures are so neat! and your easter sounds wonderful.

Nancy said...

The birds are so cute, hopefully their mom takes good care of them! Love your Easter pics, and crazy about the eartquake!

Church Fam said...

Sarah! Our pool did the same thing and we were freaking out thinking something was wrong. It didn't even clue into me that it was the earthquake. Wow crazy!

Lara said...

Aww...those baby birds are so neat. We had baby birds once, and then a cat got them and I was so incredibly sad.

Conference really was wonderful. Glad you had a happy Easter!

(found you through BLogHer)

Sarah said...

good idea about the mirror. I feel bad every time we take the wreath down to satisfy our curiosity.

Jill said...

I felt the earthquake. I wasn't feeling well and lay down on the bed. I closed my eyes and it felt like someone was shaking the bed. I opened my eyes to see if the kids were shaking the bed to get my attention--no kids. Closed my eyes again--felt the shaking again and determined that I had truly gone crazy.