Wednesday, July 21, 2010

beasts of burden

These happy boys are 8 months old.  

George crawls everywhere now, pulls himself up next to anything, and, while trying to move his feet, wobbles and falls in tragic defeat.  Not to worry.  He'll try it again in 30 seconds.  Hank rolls and scoots like crazy, but is not crawling yet.  Just yesterday he got up on his hands and knees and rocked back and forth, then did a head-plant on the not-so-soft floor.  Even with an area rug over the new wood floors, there is little cushion to soften the blow. (Bad timing, mommy.)

Enter: 2 monstrous beasts (aka exersaucers).

Sometimes, when I need to leave the room, or am too tired to chase babies, the exersaucer saves the day.  George does not love it, but it occupies his attention for at least a few minutes.  Hank humors me by not complaining about it much. He's just being polite.
These huge things dominate our family room.
I am constantly tripping over them.
They can't be hidden away when someone comes over.
They are loud and we are proud(?).
The excersaucers have landed and they are here to stay.
For awhile.


amyegodfrey said...

Such cute boys! The saucers are a good distraction for them.

Angela said...

Oh man, I do not envy your need for two of everything, especially the big things. But those boys are sure cute!

Stepi said...

I completely agree!! They are so cumbersome but necessary. I feel the same way about high chairs. I think we are finally growing out of the high chair now. YaY!

Stepi said...

PS I love your new header as much as the old one! Super cute.

Gina said...

I know! I felt the same way. Now that Noah is crawling, he won't go in his swing or jumperoo thing. So, I'll wait a month or so and sell them! I'm so excited to get rid of that stuff. We just converted out of the infant car seat to a regular rear facing one and I'm thrilled to not have that in the house all the time too.

How can such little people need so much big stuff?

The boys are adorable!
Love your new heading.

Heather said...

yup! Got a big red one in my living room, and you're right, there is know hiding it!

erin said...

I can't believe they are 8 month old! Didn't you just bring them home yesterday?

Emily said...

It was a glorious day when I packed up our beasts (the exersaucers-not the boys) and took them to the DI. I skipped (as only one can skip when carrying two exersaucers) as I joyously passed them along to the next lucky parents of that in-between stage.

This too shall pass.

Your big toe may or may not survive.