Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it's like baby, baby, baby, ohhhh

Life with 2 babies:
  • We have not had to buy wipes at all for Hank and George, thanks to very generous friends who gifted me wipes and diapers before the boys were born.  I may NEVER have to buy wipes.  Seriously.  Amazing.
  • The diapers lasted until the boys were 7 months.  [Except for 3 packs of newborns when we ran out of that size and they were still too little for the bigger diapers we were given.]  Do you know how many diapers that is?  We feel so grateful to all who stocked us up.  How wonderful is it to use the last diaper in the pack, and not have to worry if we have any more.  'Cause we did - stacked high in the closet.  Blessing.
  • H and G love to read books.  Thankfully, we have lots of readers to assist.
  • We do not own 2 highchairs.
  • We do not even own 1 highchair. [Except for a strap-on-an-existing-chair type.  And I'm not pulling it out because we don't have an extra chair.  And that wouldn't do me much good to have only one chair to feed in.]
  • I'm getting very tired of feeding babies in their exersaucers or just on my lap.
  • Buying highchairs is like buying vacuums:  some have their favorite, some don't care, and I can't decide.  [This is where my mom and Emily roll their eyes.]  But if you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them.  I want to buy 2 nice looking chairs.  Yes, looks matter in this department.  If I have to have 2 of them in my kitchen and trip over them everyday, I want something that looks good! - I don't want any cartoon characters and the like.  I've found some seemingly functional ones, but some reviews say the tray is too far from the child, causing messy baby-lap, or other problems.
  • I'm stressing about Halloween costumes for these two.  Lots of ideas, but do I have the time/desire to make them?  I don't think so.
  • I have 3 quilt tops waiting to be quilted, but no time/desire to get them done.  That's because when the boys are sleeping, I am on the internet blogging or something unproductive like that.
  • The babies at church and cousins the same age are much more advanced in the eating department than H and G.  They still struggle with cheerios.
  • I always know the condition of my floors because the boys' knees and tops of feet tell the dirty story.  Sigh.
  • I am so so thankful for friends at church who are willing to hold a baby - for 2 hours or more!  What would I do without Deb?
  • I have never taken the boys to the store by myself.  Even with Mark, it has only been a handful of times.
  • We still have just one crib.  In our room.  We have big plans to move the boys to the play room or to Jonah and Owen's room, but it just hasn't happened due to a need to get rid of an existing bed and, oh yeah, TIME.  And we will be getting a 2nd crib.  They are seriously all over each other.  Well, George is the guilty party there.
  • I finally put up our 2008 family photo.  It's very big and I didn't have a frame for the longest time.  Owen wanted to know why Hank and George aren't in the picture.  
  • Hank and George are seriously so easy going and happy, I just can't get enough.  Except when I need to sleep and they are both up at 5:30 am.


Emily said...

I was kind of amazed that Liz said William ate two bowls of big person soup.

Sarah said...

soup, cowboy caviar...its all the same. hank and george just aren't there yet. or maybe it's me that hasn't arrived.

Hilary said...

I saw the coolest high chair on "Divine Design with Candace Olson". I'll try to find it. Not bulky. Just contemporary stylish multifunctional.

Sarah said...

I love that show. Let's hope it's not $300 for one chair. Even if it is, I'd love to see it.

amyegodfrey said...

The photo of Mark reading to the boys is priceless.

Gray Family said...

Highchairs - I went for peg perego (they fold up and out of the way, they were white and easy to clean...a BIG plus for me) Loved both of them. Had one and got a very gentley used one from ebay - still love them! As for the rest, you send those boys over here anytime you want to go to the store, or quilt or waste time. Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite stages, even in two's!

amyraye said...

my friend just bought a BOON highchair. it's very hip and modern and so simple. i love it. http://boonhighchair.com/

Heather said...

I'm in the "I don't care" department of high chairs. I figure this is my last kid, it just needs to last a bit longer and then I can chuck it!

As for food, my 8month old still nurses A LOT (which is fine with me) because I am so lazy in the solid food department. I am trying really hard to be regular about feeding her solids.

How about dressing the boys in matching green and having them carry around Double Mint gum for Halloween...seems easy and kinda fun!

Hilary said...

Check out allmodernbaby.com and sort by price. Some things are on sale . . . some are the kind that you hook onto a table. Very inexpensive. I still have to see if I have the Divine Design segment taped and if she mentioned the name of the chair.

Amy said...

I can't remember the brand of our high chair, but it had one-handed release of the tray. Awesome! Our crib also had one-handed release of the side, a must!

JenJ said...

Hi Sarah!!!
I loved this post. It kind of gave a window into your life and thoughts. I miss that.
I am in the don't care category too. I like the kind that lower enough you can slide them up to the table to eat when they get a little bit older. I also like the wood kind you can get to match the wood of the table and other chairs, but those aren't comfy for the kiddos....sorry no help, no brand names.

Sarah said...

I love all of these comments.

I am glad you mentioned the boon chair. I had seen it online, but didn't pay much attention to it because it was more than I wanted to spend. But now I am seriously considering it. It has great reviews and I do like the uniqueness of it. Thanks for the tip.

merideth said...

i got the ikea high chair in white for my fourth baby. and it is my all time fave. i love it. and the price cannot be beat.

and your family pic is awesome. and don't worry about the eating part. i think they figure it out when they want. i have had some late bloomers in that department.

i am glad you have lots of help and i can't wait to see your next three quilts.

good luck on the crib thing. i am sure that will be nice when it is all figured out.

ArocaFamily said...

Sarah... here's my two cents:
Buy highchairs with wheels. I used to pull them all over the kitchen with me when I was cooking or cleaning or just for fun and they were very functional!

tessa said...

If it's in the budget I'd buy the boon ones. They're beautiful. If not we really like our Chicco hook on chair that attaches to the table. It comes in red which matches our kitchen decor but also black and a few other flavors.
I know those inexpensive ikea highchairs are stackable so some of my MOM friends like being able to just have one to maneuver around when stacked. Here's a google image http://www.ikeafans.com/home/ikea-antilop-highchair-hack-leopard-recall/
Our first halloween we did simple batman and superman shirts with velcroed on the back capes. It was lightweight enough that the babies didn't mind keeping them on and as a bonus we used the shirts in regular circulation after Oct.
Your boys are just so sweet. Thanks for sharing pics.

Gina said...

Your boys sound like Noah. He just got cheerios down at like 10 1/2 months. And he is almost 13 months now and any thicker texture will make him gag. Even like a banana. So weird. All in time.