Friday, August 13, 2010

schoolhouse rock

Owen started preschool this week.  He was very excited - packing his backpack, taking pictures and just eager to go. When we pulled up to his teacher's house, he suddenly became clingy (Like he's been for the past few weeks, since mom + dad went to San Diego: without him) and I had to peel his hands off the door handle.  I carried him in while a friend watched the twins in the car.  
His classmates, all of which he knows, jumped on the trampoline and played in the backyard. Owen cried and would not let go of me.  This is so unlike him (except for the afore mentioned few weeks).  I finally got him to take off his backpack and sit on a patio chair.  I kissed him goodbye with a promise to return.  He was still crying. But I left.  
2 1/2 hours later, I picked up a happy boy who was excited about his first day. His teacher said he joined the group inside with a little coaxing, and then he was fine. 

So guess what happened today, his 2nd day of preschool? Yep, instant replay: tears, sadness, drama.  
He was over that when I picked him up, but when we walked in our front door, he said with a sigh of relief, "Home, beautiful home!"  
Any ideas on how to help this boy not be so sad to leave me?
In other news, the older kids are finishing their 3rd week back to school today.  Wow, that was quick.  I know, Christmas will be here before I know it too.  I don't want to hear Christmas music, or that you're already done shopping, for several more months! Actually I don't ever want to hear that you are already done shopping.  
Here are our 2 uniformed children and 1 free agent who FINALLY gets to wear whatever she wants because junior high is just cool like that. Especially when you've just discovered American Eagle.  Oh, and you've talked your mom into letting you wear mascara.


Gray Family said...

It took Nathan 1 good week of that great teacher and he was fine - he loved the trampoline the best! Owen will soon figure it out and then you'll be wishing he hung on a little tighter! As for the Christmas shopping, I just had an anxiety attack about getting started! YIKES! Cute kids ready for school - love the long lush lashes too!

Full House said...

Hi there!

You have VERY cute kids. I am a little nervous for Miss Mascara..she is a looker.

What school out there where you live requires uniforms?

Hope all is well with you over there.

xx - Christina

Sarah said...

It's like a charter school, but not (it's back to basics mentality, but we're part of a district). I have to say, I love love love uniforms. Can't say enough about that. Good to hear from you Christina!

Good to hear from you too Grays!

abby said...

tell molly i want to borrow her outfit.

Church Fam said...

Maybe tell Owen that Ella's mom is sending really good snacks next week. (what's his favorite and I'll throw it in)

I think I could go for uniforms. The morning battle of what goes and what doesn't gets old. I'm thinking for pre school too.

Sarah said...

church fam,
you're so kind! i have bribed him with all kinds of things, including snacks. one of these days, when he gets over this separation episode, i am certain he will pull that card and hold me to all of them.

the funny thing is that you could probably fit into molly's clothes.

AliceK[i]ND said...

Owen is one cute kid. Sorry, I don't have a solution for you.... you'll just have to stick it out. Eventually he will realize that you aren't going to give in and let him go home.

Grace is going to fall over with the book-bag! :)

Sarah said...

that bag does seem heavy, but it looks worse than it is - mostly first day of school supplies like kleenex and pencil box, etc.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

I was going to say, little Grace with that huge bag! But her smile is so genuinely happy! So what is in that bag that looks so massive, that she could be smiling about? Certainly not candy??...! Thank you so much for letting me steal you daughter last night. Miss Mascara is just so fun!

JenJ said...

LOVE your kids. No advice. I don't like those moments. Makes me think I just should keep the preschoolers home. So I am not the one to ask. In fact, I don't send them when they are three, just four because I miss them too much. BUT.....I bet he will be just fine in a couple more times.

Stepi said...

My Sasha was just like Owen and it went back and forth for months. She loved pre-school and knew everyone too, but it was just her (and still is a little bit, at six!!) It's rough as a mom, though.

I was crazy in love with the ease of uniforms too! So great and cheap! Now that we are in our 2nd year homeschooling I forget about fun new school clothes. I think we need to get some!

Sarah said...

i am amazed that you are homeschooling. everyone? how's that going? i imagine you do it with grace and ease.

Stepi said...

This is our 2nd year and it is rough and rewarding. The easiest description is that it's like FHE all day!! I plead for patience daily!

erin said...

They twins are growing so fast and way too quickly! Wow! I can't believe how grown-up Owen is looking in these pictures. Hopefully the separation anxiety will not last long. I bet he's having a wonderful time over there with his friends (even if he won't admit it to his mom)! :)