Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the office

I said I was going to get the newly renovated office totally organized so I could show it off a little. Turns out, I won't be getting it all situated until Halloween, at the rate I'm going.
I did take some photos during construction and while restocking our junk.  Actually, that is our dilemma - we DO NOT want to put the old junk in the new office, or at least not in the same way.  So I'm working on that, s l o w l y.

Someday, maybe we'll have 2 new office chairs and some stunning curtains to really add that something extra. And in my dreams Candice Olson will come over and offer to finish off the space.
But for now, here are the befores and afters (forgot to take some before we cleared out the original hodge podge office furniture).  My friend Denise came up with the idea for this room. She's so talented like that.
I bought these old cabinets from an office liquidator I found on Craig's List for $15 each.  Then we had them professionally painted to match the desktop and shelves.  That was Denise's idea.
Shelves in.  {by a carpenter - not us}
Shelves painted white.  Walls painted light gray.
File cabinets and desktop with glass.  A few necessities brought back in.
 We'll set up another computer where that printer is, for the kids.
I love that I have a place to sew and tons of storage - those metal file cabinets are mostly full of fabric.
I really enjoy this room now.


Gray Family said...

Now that looks like a fun place to work in!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

ooooos and ahhhhs! That looks like a clean amazing spot. I love that the shelves are white, and the counters are white. It will always feel clean! Boy those twins have started major transformations in that lovely home of yours!

merideth said...

wow i love it. and i love candice olsen too... she is amazing.
and what a great find with those metal cabinets. awesome.

Camille said...

I would kill for an office like this... Okay, maybe not kill, but WOW. It looks amazing!

Loving all of your abundance quilts. Can I have your nicey jane one? :-)

Jennifer said...

Sarah, this looks so great! I am trying to remember the layout of your house and where the office is. It looks roomy and so polished and clean. I can just see you and Mark sitting in there side-by-side, being ultra-productive. I love the tip on painting the old file cabinets--that solves one of my problems in my own office space. Now I know exactly what to do--one of the many reasons I love your blog!

Sarah said...

grays, aimee, meredith, camille, and jen,
thanks for your kind words. it's nice to hear from friends.

thanks! i am loving "abundance" too. and i am loving your new fabric. can't wait to see what you make with it.

i have no time management secrets. unless you call not cleaning my house a secret. and please know that i have been working on these latest quilts for several months.

Naylor Family said...

Once again...I LOVE it! I'm just going to keep dreaming of the day I can get my house the way I want it! When that day comes, be prepared to be boggled down with questions! I love your style!

Lindsay Kay said...

LOVing it!! Brilliant idea for painting cabinets! Have to steal that one day!