Monday, April 11, 2011

what i'm up to

  • Making this quilt. I am loving this nicey jane fabric.

  • Trip to Ikea last week. 

I went by myself, which was quite nice.  Mark does not like to browse at that store.  But I do, so he opted to stay home with the kids while I perused.  
One of my purchases was this cute striped tote for $6. {it has been sitting next to my sewing machine, waiting for a more permanent storage place, but I like looking at it.} 
Also some cute baskets I originally saw at Anthropologie. They contained beautiful grassy plants and succulents. When I inquired of their price, the sales girl told me they were not for sale, but their design director had bought them at Ikea. So that was the main purpose of my trip.  When I get the plants, I will share my discovery with you. 


Jennifer said...

I love the bag and love browsing Ikea, too. Funny, I've been on the lookout for some of those grassy plants at Ikea myself. Next trip to Portland, they're mine. We'll have to compare notes. The quilt is looking beautiful, as always. I like knowing what you're up to.

Sarah said...

i only got the baskets at ikea. The girl at anthropologie told me the plants were from Lowe's. That's my next stop.

amyegodfrey said...

Very soon, I am going to start quilting up a storm, and I'm going to order some of the beautiful fabric you always use.

abby said...

i'm kind of discouraged about quilting because i really stink at it. that is not modesty- i'm really bad. i'd say that it's just beginner's issues but i've made a few quilts and i'm pretty sure you were awesome right away. translation: i'm glad that you have this awesome skill and that i often benefit from it!

love that tote too! what section is that in?

Aimee's Family Journal said...

That tote is darling and looks like and Anthro or BR find, as opposed to a Ikea bin item. I love those days when things go your way!

PS> Sunday, when you were chasing George RUNNING down the hall. I think it might be my favorite part of Sunday. He runs so fast! And too, your outfit was darling. Again, or course.

Sarah said...

i made lots of mistakes when i first started, and still do. i unpick and re-do more than you know. don't give up. the quilts you've made are so beautiful.

the tote was in a big bin in the baskets and storage section. they had pink and lighter blue too. i forgot to mention that i got a tablecloth in this exact fabric. it was in the kitchen stuff.

thank you. we have nursery clearance in one month. we'll see if i miss running down the hall.