Monday, April 18, 2011

wispy grass: as seen at anthropologie

I finally made it to Lowe's this weekend and found some grassy-grass for my soft Ikea baskets.  My Anthropologie plant and basket quest is [almost]* complete.  And I am satisfied. Except that I bought 3 good sized grass plants, and only have 2 Ikea baskets that are big enough.  The other 2 are small. 
One of the kids said, "Oh, we got sweaters for the plants?"

Another plant I already had fits nicely into one of the smaller baskets. 
Here's the grass with and without the basket.  I also bought plastic pots at Lowe's to protect the basket from water.  I still need to transplant them.
*When I find some nice looking succulents, they're also coming home with me.  Also need to get another set of baskets. Maybe Home Depot AND Ikea this weekend. 
Who am I kidding?  I won't make it to either for another 6 weeks.  So no, not really done.  Darn.


abby said...

i love them! our anthropologie has wine cork curtains right now. i think i'm more inclined to try this.

p.s. bought the cutest long blue dress with my gift card. i think you'd love it!

Jennifer said...

Love these! I need to get to Ikea!

amyegodfrey said...

I saw them tonight and they are very nice!

Gray Family said...

They say "Sarah" I think they are very cute and fit perfectly.

Becky said...

Sweaters for the plants, I love it! So cute. And we are way into the succulents around here. Good prices and selection at both Lowe's and Home Depot about 4 weeks ago. Rose Sunset was my fav, but Baby Toes is a close second :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Becky. Lowe's did not have a very good selection this last weekend. I'll keep looking.