Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Crown of the Continent

On our last full day in Montana, we visited Glacier National Park and drove the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road up and through the park. I think it was a 2 hour drive and it was beautiful the entire way!  The road had just reopened the week before, due to snow still covering much of the road (in July), so we felt pretty lucky about our timing. 
There was snow runoff all the way up the mountain, creating waterfalls everywhere!  We drove through/under several that just emptied right onto the road.
The kids loved the snow at the top, but some of us quickly realized we were not dressed warmly enough. The Canada cousins were not phased by it, even in their shorts. Showoffs.
Aunt Erin took some of the older kids on a little hike.  The rest of us didn't waste too much time getting back to the the gift shop and then the warm car.
Hank only let mom or dad hold him the entire trip.  So in every picture, one of us is holding Hank, while Aunt Erin or Uncle Dave was most likely carrying George.
I thought it was pretty unique that on Thursday we were on top of a snow covered mountain in Montana.  On Friday, we were were back to sweating it out in the 110 degree summer at home. That just doesn't seem right.
There was a bit of construction on the way back down, but seriously, it was just so beautiful, it was OK that we were stopped here and there. At the very bottom, we lunched at a cute little cafe and then had giant Huckleberry ice cream cones.  Well, some of us had the Huckleberry. Those that didn't (me), regretted it. Delicious! - Molly was nice enough to share a little.


amyegodfrey said...

My goodness, that is beautiful country! I was up through there many years ago and remember how spectacular it was. I'm glad your family got to enjoy it, and their Montana cousins.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures! And family. I'm guessing these are cousins that you don't see too often, being so far away, so I'm glad that you got to spend time up there with them. Looks gorgeous. As do you--love the long hair!

Gina said...

Looks like a great spot to visit. Pam was just there last week. I'll have to make it up there one of these days.

Angela said...

Love Glacier! Glad you guys got to go. Next time you should check out the other half on the canadian side of the boarder. It may be my favorite place in the whole world. :)

abby said...

i'm catching up on all your trip posts. (700 unread posts in my reader!) it looks amazing! i'm loving all the pictures.