Friday, January 13, 2012

yep, we're two

Hank loves to sort things. This morning, he was focused on laying out the UNO cards, with great care. George tried to foil his plans early in the process, and Hank let him know it was NOT ok to touch the cards.
 He did this all on his own.
He also likes to stack and re-stack plastic cups (as seen above). He carries them with him all day long.
Meanwhile, George grabbed a handful of dirt from my new Yucca plant and deposited it on my rocking chair. He was more than happy to get the vacuum out and help clean it up. I'm not sure if he was being mischievous, or if it was an actual plan for me to vacuum? He loves that thing. I wouldn't be surprised.


Emily said...

Calvin loves to sort things too. He mostly sorts things by color, including only building monochromatic Lego structures. Also he likes to punch people in the eye if they should attempt to take something out of the box that's his color of the moment.

Gray Family said...

Looks like you've got a Doogie Howser on your hands! As for George...? Tell him he can come vacuum at my house anytime.

abby said...

i love watching those boys and what they'll do next. and i think you are a perfect mom for twins- organized and patient!

amyegodfrey said...

They have such distinct personalities and interests. A couple of charmers, for sure!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe they're two! You did it--two babies raised into official toddlers. You should feel so proud! As always, I'm impressed.