Friday, March 23, 2012

all hail

March has brought finicky weather to Arizona. 80 degrees one day, then 50's the next. Last week we had perfect spring weather (cool nights with comfortably warm days - it's why we live here). But on Sunday, rain was expected and welcomed. Indeed, we got lots of rain all day and a little something extra - Hail!
We were home getting ready for church when we heard some serious pounding on the roof.
We opened all the doors to take pictures and watch the "snow" fall. It was awesome. At least one child went out to taste it.
It was a more-than-impressive hailstorm. During its several-minute showing, it tore leaves and gunk from our trees and plastered them all over our car parked in the driveway. We proudly drove to church in our camouflaged Yukon. (It was pretty gross, actually, but the kids thought it was cool.)
One child said it was "the best day EVER!"
We're nothing, if not easy to please.


Heather said...

wow! You guys got a lot! I was in meetings from 7am-2:30 and only saw intermittent rain through the windows. My kids didn't say anything about getting hail over here in chandler. Lucky you!

Gray Family said...

isn't is funny how we all got so excited about WEATHER! It was fun while it lasted, now back to the dreaded heat.

Love you new pattern quilt. Even with your broken machine you manage to create the most amazing things. Where do you find the time?

amyegodfrey said...

We only got rain that day. I wish I could have seen the kids' reactions to the hail.