Wednesday, April 4, 2012


mentioned awhile ago that we went to my grandfather's military funeral in San Diego. I did not know him well and my mom mostly only knew him in her adult life, through my parents' continual efforts to reach out to him.

He was a World War II veteran and was buried at the beautiful Rosecrans National Cemetery. It is a stunning and reverent place and the service was very nice. My dad gave the eulogy. He spoke about forgiveness and it was perfect.
After the funeral, my parents and siblings and all the cousins went to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site in Old Town San Diego.
The kids really enjoyed panning for gold. They were pretty sure the nuggets they found were worth some serious money.
The 2 years olds were only interested in soaking themselves.
It was a very quick trip, but some good memories were made.


abby said...

love that picture of jonah!

amyegodfrey said...

Great photos! For how short of a time we were all together, we made some wonderful memories.

Christie K said...

This is Christie, jesse knght's wife. I was wondering if you sell your quilts. We are moving in a few. Months and I'd like something unique for the boys room. Just checking. I love your talented hands! My email address is

Sarah said...

I will email you soon.

Muche said...

So much smarter to give them apron to pan for gold...remember the AZ museum we went to last year, and I had to buy a shirt for my soaked Tommy :)

Sarah said...

That's right! I had forgotten you had to get him another shirt! The aprons are so smart.