Friday, July 13, 2012


A few thoughts about our family reunion:

George does not do well on vacation. Ever. Maybe his sleep patterns are disrupted (yes). Maybe he is just a grumpy traveller (yes). Maybe he is not a people pleaser (yes). Hank seems to adjust to vacation with very little disruption to his, or our lives. 
Not comparing, just informing. We love them both, rest assured.
Due to several Utah fires, the sky had a strange red glow on the day we took these family shots on the front lawn. Bits of ash were falling everywhere.
It's really a small miracle that George sat for this shot with all the 2 year olds.
 Can you say "grumpy?" How about "organized chaos?"
 I wish we would have snapped a picture of all 5 sisters and the momma.
 Giant marshmallows make the best s'mores.
There were tons of wasps nesting in the sand at the old swingset, which was up the hill from the house a little bit. George would constantly try to steal away and feed his slide addiction. Sometimes I followed him and let him climb and play a bit, but I could only take the swarming wasps for so long. Surprisingly, no one was stung. My dad said they were the non-stinging type. What??
Here he is being escorted back from the swingset.
I don't know what was being discussed here (both above and below), but certainly something philosophical and meaningful.
My extended family is the coolest! Even George thinks so.


jamiebarazoto said...

you're cute

amyegodfrey said...

I love these photos! We had such a grand time.

abby said...

Love these photos! You got better ones than I did. (Not comparing, just informing. Ha!)