Friday, November 16, 2012

3 is a magic number

The "terrible twos" is a misnomer. I've always believed that three is the real age of parental concern. Nothing compares to the "let me do it" - "NO! NO! NO!"- threes (which actually starts at two, but is amplified at three). I am praying this is somehow not true with my twins. You see, they turned three this week and I am ready for some low-key, mellow, no-tantrum, eat something, anything, at dinner, times. They are sweet boys. But do the math: 
1 sweet boy x 2 = several daily situations on your hands. It's true.
We threw a little party for them and invited the grandparents to celebrate with us. I asked Hank and George what they would like to eat for their birthday dinner, and they both gave me blank stares. Is it because they hardly know what dinner is anymore? Is it my fault that they like to graze all day on graham crackers and craisins and cheese, and then are not hungry at dinner time?
Needless to say, I planned a dinner menu that the adults would like, and we let the three-year-olds eat cheetos for dinner. (It was their birthday, afterall.)
I decided on a few soups in honor of the cool 70-degree days we've been having.

Homemade green salsa and chips
Red Bell Corn Chowder (from Liz)
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Artisan Bread (from Alice)
IBC Rootbeer

Hank's only request for the past month has been "donuts and candles!" I was happy I could make all his birthday dreams came true. These two had the hardest time blowing out the candles. It was very funny!  I think we will work on that skill for next year.
Happy Birthday my sweet boys!


abby said...

I love your simple, darling decorations! Those boys are so darn old. And Hank just keeps looking more Owen-esque. And I agree about three: much worse. Although I think 1-4 is just hard, period.

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Three already?!
They are adorable...if hard work. :)
Happy belated Birthday to your cuties.

lauren said...

Such great decorations and perfect for the little men. We're on our way to 3, I can only imagine!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they are 3! I love the doughnuts and candles--Perfection.

Gina said...

Oh my gosh, our 3 year olds would get along great. If it's a carb out of a bag, Noah loves it. Grazes all day on string cheese and smoothie drinky yogurts and goldfish... then, doesn't want dinner. I hear ya sista! :o) They're adorable though.

jamiebarazoto said...

adorable party! adorable home, adorable boys, adorable sweater. I never know how to wear it and you did so flawlessly. hoorah!

Gray Family said...

Love the party decorations! You alway seem to throw a great bash. Best 3rd birthday for the cutest boys ever. Too fun.