Thursday, January 3, 2013

repeat the sounding joy

Our traditional Christmas. a la instagram.
Tradition: All dressed up for Christmas Eve dinner.

{Vintage dress found at Mesa thrift store.}

Tradition: The teen table - Christmas Eve.

New Tradition: Danish Christmas.
Tradition: New Christmas Eve pjs.
Tradition: Mesa temple lights.
Tradition: New ornaments for the kids. {Silver fox was an after-Christmas sale at Target.}
I bought these decorative straw orbs in Prague 8 years ago. They've been mostly stored away. They are now my new favorite ornaments since I realized I could attach some string and hang them on the tree.
My latest Gilbert Temple photo - December 2012.


Emily said...

I love M's dress. Can she teach me how to do my hair?

Sarah said...

After she teaches me to do mine.

Nancy said...

What is your instagram name? I'd love to follow you...

Sarah said...

I use Instagram, but I have made it private so I just use it for the filters. I don't follow anyone either. I know people love it, but I don't want to worry about keeping up with one more thing. :)

jamiebarazoto said...

You are smokin'.