Thursday, March 28, 2013

Foyled Again

For all of you suffering from Downton Abbey withdrawals, I'd like to suggest a different, but equally fabulous British series, to get you through the rest of the year: Foyle's War. It is beautifully written, beautifully acted and beautifully filmed: Even the murder and crime scenes are stunning. And don't get me started on the clothes.
I love everything about this show. Everything.

Since 2002, there have been 22 hour-and-a-half episodes. And I hear that a new season will be released this year. (So lots to keep you busy while you wait for that other British show to return. Quite frankly, your loyalties may change.) We are on season 3 and I am already dreading the end.
I have to thank in-laws, Dave and Diane, who convinced us we would both enjoy the show. (Unlike Downton, which is a very one-sided interest at our house.) Trust me, you'll love it and your husband/boyfriend/brother will love it too!

Also, I dare you not to consider naming your next child Honeysuckle after you have watched a season or two.

Get it on Netflix or free with Amazon Prime.


AliceK[i]ND said...

You should know I'm the one who got the rest of my family on to this show. I love it! I have seen every episode. Excellent.

Amy said...

omg i screamed (literally) at the end of downton abbey season 3 and vowed to never watch it again because i was seriously just that mad. i hate TV shows where the writers don't let good things happen to the characters, ever.

obviously i'm still not over this.

Heather said...

I was going through withdrawals until I discovered "Call the Midwives" another BBC production. Season 1 is on Netflix. It is East End London and nurse/midwives in the 1950's.

I will for sure add Foyles War to my list for this summer- thanks for the tip!

Gray Family said...

I love Foyles War too! I guess you could say I'm a Masterpiece Mystery/classic junkie. I also love the Inspecter Lewis and Midsommer Murders series too. They are on Netflix as well...perfect for my marathon ironing days. Nice to have a fellow BBC addict in the area!

Delightful Domestic Science said...

The Paradise is another winner. Probably more of a girlie show though. Lark Rise to Candleford is great too if you haven't watched it. Can't wait to check out Foyles War!
Have always liked Honeysuckle for a name too. Isn't honeysuckle such a beautiful flower/scent.

Sarah said...

I loved Lark Rise and was sad they stopped making it.
I thought I was really going to love Call the Midwife, but just didn't. Only watched a few episodes.

abby said...

I am so surprised you don't like Call the Midwife! So surprised! We should talk about this. We tried Foyle's War but I was very tired and only got about 10 minutes before I fell asleep. Will try again.