Tuesday, March 12, 2013

it might as well be spring

I just bought this water pitcher at Target and it seemed only right to fill it with something pretty. Tulips, the grocery store's official announcement of spring, seemed fitting. 

We had a few chilly days with rain last week and it was heaven! That's the kind of spring I love. As always, I am wishing spring would linger a long, long time. But, as always, summer is right around the corner: 92 degrees* by Thursday and in the pool by Friday.

*If that was a summer temp, I'd be rejoicing. It just doesn't work for March, even in the desert.


Jason and Kate said...

I bought some tulips last week too but alas mine are already dead. It's probably a sign that the dreaded summer is right around the corner.

Gray Family said...

Ha! Ha! I had the same thoughts. My kids were in the pool already today...they're crazy! Hope yours is warmer than mine!

Gray Family said...

Oops! P.S. also meant to say...love the water pitcher, and the flowers!

Jennifer said...

Love the vase and tulips. And I'm jealous of your 92 degrees--sounds heavenly. 60 and windy here--but inching closer to spring every day. Enjoy that AZ sunshine!