Wednesday, April 3, 2013


"There are strange happenings at the local hospital and all around town as mysterious foreign objects start appearing in gardens and movie theaters…What's a lonely, fatherless boy supposed to do but start investigating?"
Our family has a new favorite TV show: Granite Flats

The show officially premiers April 7*, but thanks to the very-well-connected Ashley, we were given an early sneak peek, and we are hooked! The whole family (occasionally, even Hank and George) watched the first two episodes (plus The Making of Granite Flats). When it was over, the kids were dying to know what happens next! Isn't that the sign of a good show, when you can't wait for the next episode? And Mark and I especially loved that we didn't have to fast-forward through anything. It was clean and family-friendly, but not just for the kids. LOVE THAT!

The acting is super and the set is 1962-perfect. One of my favorite parts is the costuming. The wardrobe department nailed this one! The suits, the glasses, the fabulous vintage-y prints on the children's clothing - I would dress my kids in such sweet dresses and cardigans everyday if they didn't already prefer t-shirts and flip-flops. Sigh.

So here's the show in a nutshell:

"1962. Granite Flats, Colorado. A quiet, friendly place . . . until part of the army base explodes. Is it a Soviet attack or an inside job? And who are the mysterious men driving around town? As three amateur sleuths and the police chief investigate, they unravel a complex web of secrets - and Granite Flats will never be the same."

We watched the show last week, but yesterday, out of the blue, one of my kids suggested his theory for all the unexplained happenings in Granite Flats. It involves aliens, of course. And he's a fan.

FYI: in case you don't have BYUtv on cable, there are several other options:
- Free with the BYUtv app
Free with your ROKU. (We just got a ROKU. I am so excited!)
- Free on the BYUtv website 

April 6 @ 12:30 pm (MST) - The Making of Granite Flats
April 7 @ 4, 6 and 9 pm (MST) - First two episodes


abby said...

I am really excited for this show! Good to know your kids loved it.

Ashley Nielson said...

:)))))))) your email made me happy! didn't they do such a great job on design!?
and on an unrelated note, that quilt you made for freddie is killlllling me! so beautiful

Heather said...

well, thanks to you and another blogger I watched it today with my kids. Instead of paying attention to the plot though I was drooling over the cars and clothes and GREEN lawns with FLOWERS!