Friday, April 19, 2013

wonderful copenhagen

Aren't these vintage travel posters beautiful? They are really getting me so excited about our trip to Denmark. We already have a list of must-sees. But if you know of something off the beaten path that we shouldn't miss, I'd love to hear about it. (We always love food recommendations too.)


merideth said...

i love these posters!! so cool.

Jennifer said...

so exciting! yes, I have something off-the-beaten path for you to do: go see the foreign exchange student who lived with my family when I was in 8th grade. Her name is Stine and she lives somewhere in Copenhagen. She shared my bedroom that year and let me borrow her long denim trenchcoat and cool european watch. that is all i know. good luck.

Sarah said...

I totally remember that. Well, at least hearing about it. And you sent me a picture too.
You've given me a lot to go on - I'm sure I'll find her! :)