Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sunday in Copenhagen

Sunday morning we ate our usual delicious breakfast at the hotel: croissants, fresh brie and parmesan, fresh fruit, Danish waffles, etc. 
(Small disclaimer: I was without a flat iron and at the mercy of the hotel hair dryer, which had a button that had to be pressed consistently to work at all. Everyone else on this trip had their usual fabulous hair. Can you say dual-wattage hair appliances? Live and learn.)

We took the bus to the gorgeous LDS church. It was sandwiched in between apartment buildings and offices and was an obvious standout. I loved the juxtaposition of old and new, and sacred and secular.
When our big group walked in, headsets were quickly passed out, and a translator got to work for us. It was wonderful to hear the testimonies of the members there. Mark and I shared a headset, and passed it back and forth, alternating with each new testimony. I enjoyed listening to the Danish, as well as the English translation. I am so happy we got to attend church across the world, and still feel and hear the same gospel truths.
After church we walked just around the corner to the Copenhagen Temple. It was stunning and beautifully unique! I was especially excited to see it because my friend, Liza, is Danish, and this temple used to be her church building, before it was converted into a temple. I felt honored to be in this place that I have heard her talk about and is so special to her, and to all the people of Denmark.

Holiness to the Lord. The House of the Lord.

The columns and brick are original to the building. Only the interior was changed, as well as a basement which was dug under the existing structure. Our local tour guide said the whole conversion was incredibly expensive.
The Nielson family at the Copenhagen Temple.

Vor Frue Kirke
After the temple, we visited The Church of Our Lady (DanishVor Frue Kirke), which is the National Cathedral of Denmark. It is the home of the original Resurrected Christus Statue by Bertel Thorvaldsen. The small replica statue we have at home means so much more to me now, after seeing the original. I also really loved the white beauty of this church, which seems so Scandinavian, along with the detailed carvings, also in white, all throughout the church.
Thorvaldsen sculpted the twelve apostles as well, and they line the interior of the chapel. Just stunning.
We are such tourists. This is so typical of our group; getting as much use out of the church's free wi-fi as we can: posting on instagram, or a group message on Whatsapp. Even at our hotel, Wi-fi was available (for free) only in the lobby.
Clint and Debbie took a short nap a the church. And look closely, Helena is out too. Jet lag.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Love the picture of you taking a picture...all the beautiful flowers! Is it actually spring somewhere in the world???? ;)

abby said...

That has to be my new favorite temple. How have I never seen that before?? It's gorgeous!