Friday, November 22, 2013

hip to be square

This quilt has been in the making for years. Not that I've been actually sewing this specific one for that long. But the hankering, and the desire, to make a quilt for my friend's little boy, Brock, has persisted since before he was born. He is now 2+.  And he is sweet and darling, as is his mom. (I made a quilt for Brock's sister a few years ago too.)
The idea is loosely from Hopewell American Textiles.
I was so happy to finally give this quilt to its rightful owner(s).


jamiebarazoto said...

he color story and the loop-de-loops! Well done.

jamiebarazoto said...

Meant to say love the* ^^

Camille said...

Love this one! And the quilting looks amazing. Well done!

Hena Tayeb said...

oh i love that

Annie said...

Beautiful quilt! I'm about to start on my first quilt, and I'm a little nervous about colors bleeding. What would you recommend? I can't decide if I should wash all of my fabric before piecing the quilt or if I should just wash the finished quilt afterward with a color catcher. I'd love any pointers you might have!

Sarah said...

Thank you! How fun to begin your first quilt!
I don't ever pre-wash my fabric. I used to. But most fabrics these days are just so good at not bleeding.
So when the whole quilt is done, I just wash it in the hand wash or gently cycle, in cold water, with a 1/4 cup of white vinegar. The vinegar helps to set the colors (so I'm told). You can also throw it in the dryer.