Monday, June 17, 2013


I am loving scrap quilts lately. I am calling this one "Potluck*" because it's a hodgepodge of lots of favorites all combined for one big feast, or in this case, one big quilt. To make this one I:
  1. Decided it would be a throw size: approx. 63" x 57".
  2. Planned out my diamond shaped pattern on graph paper. This told me how many patterned and white squares I would need.
  3. Gathered up my leftover cheery, bright fabrics I have used in recent years. Not hundreds, but definitely dozens. It was fun to remember how and when I used each and every one.
  4. Cut 3 1/2 inch strips from each fabric.
  5. Paired up random fabric strips and sewed them together.
  6. Cut the paired strips into 3 1/2 inch sections.
  7. Cut 3 1/2 inch white strips, then into 3 1/2 squares, according to my drawing.
  8. Laid it all out to make sure it looked like I wanted.
  9. Sewed it all together.
  10. After quilting and binding it, I washed it (with a little white vinegar to set the colors) and dried it to give it that softness I love.
I quilted it diagonally through every square, going one direction. Then alternated every third square diagonally going the other direction. This gave me rectangles on the back.
The back is gray and aqua flannel.
The recipient of this quilt is a friend who took our family photo last year. Actually in 2011. Yep. Overdue.

*The term, Potluck, seems to be used a lot by quilters. Just did a quick search on pinterest. Guess I'm not that original.


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! You are one crazy-talented lady. I really don't understand how you find the time to do all that you do. I have asked you repeatedly, and you refuse to tell me. I guess the answer awaits me in the afterlife. Thanks a lot. :)

Lauren Deel said...

I love it! I love the white that you incorporated, too. It tames the scrappy goodness just. a. bit. :)

Heather said...

Oh this is just beautiful!! I have always loved a scrappy quilt much more than a "designed" quilt.

I love it so much, I think I'm going to go cut into my fabrics right now...thanks for sharing!

p.s. what print did you use for the binding?

Sarah said...

Thanks! It's a chevron print. It just looks like diagonal stripes when you make it into binding. I think it's a Riley Blake design.

Sarah said...

This quilt has been in the works for more than 6 months, that's how. :)

Anna Hall said...

This quilt is beautiful! A great use for all of those scraps that seem to pile up after other projects.

Heather said...

just wanted to let you know, I loved this so much I made one! Thank you for the directions and inspiration!

Sarah said...

love it!

merideth said...

this is beautiful!!! you seriously make the most beautiful quilts!
this is definitely on my wish to-do list!

allysinwonderland said...

It is super cute! I love the white!

Kimmie said...

Beautiful...can I come take your picture?

I so want a quilting mentoring friend! Are you looking for a new friend? :-)

mama to 8
One homemade and 7 adopted

Unknown said...

I love scrappy quilts and this one is gorgeous !!

Unknown said...

I love scrappy quilts and this one is gorgeous !!

Judie Harron said...

Thanks for the inspiration your potluck quilt. I found the photo on Pinterest which led me to your blog and I made one too. Just dropped it off at my longarm quilter to do her magic to my flimsy. I posted a photo on the Scrappy Girls Club on Facebook. Likes are floating in like lightning bugs...they may soon be more. Congrats on your design. June 1, 2018 and still loving it!!! judieharronatyahoodotcom

Judie Harron said...

I found a photo of your Potluck quilt on Pinterest and followed it to your blog. I just finished the binding on my quilt which I renamed Diamond in the Scraps. Thanks for the great pattern. I posted a photo on Instagram #gjquilts

Unknown said...

I love the fabrics that's what get my creative juices going. I love that it is simple with so much flare. I have only just gotten back into quilting after nearly 30 years and I'm loving my newly designed sewing room and all my beautiful materials. I'm going to follow you now I've gotten hold of you. Tracie

mrsc said...

What did you use for the filling? I love this quilt, I have so many 'leftovers' it's a perfect project for me.