Friday, September 28, 2007

hair and such

Emily's blog inspired me to be OK with my non-inspired blogging mode lately. Lots of blogging thoughts about not much.
1. I think it's time to cut my hair short-ish. It took a long time to grow it out and I've never had my hair this long. But I really want to cut it cute and Katie Holmes-ish - maybe. I have already had cuts sort of similar to this. Funny how I never looked that good. That's why I grew it out in the first place.
2. I missed THE OFFICE last night and that's OK 'cause we're finishing up disc one of season 3. When do reruns air? I LOVE the pam/jim storyline. For Mark, it's the worst part of the show.
3. Why is everyone so preoccupied/fascinated with Edward and what's his name? C'mon, are the books really that compelling?
4. I don't think Georgia Yukon is a very marketable rockstar name.
5. I forgot my bff-Jen-since-2nd-grade's birthday (July 20), and I feel bad 'cause we have emailed and talked several times since then and I have never mentioned it. Pretty lame to send a card at this point. So sorry!
6. Looking forward to GC.
7. Looking forward to seeing my sisters soon.
8. If we didn't reside in the hot hot heat, I would really consider a black car. Very sharp and would promote a better/more frequent car wash routine.
9. I am feeling some serious motivation to buy new boots. And jackets. It IS fall right? I am happy to be heading to UT (are you guys wearing your muck lucks yet?), Lake Tahoe and Seattle soon so I can layer and justify fall/winter purchases.
10. I am SOOOOOO not a fan of Katie Holmes. Just the hair. What is that girl thinking?


amyegodfrey said...

The Office is a barrel o' laughs. Very clever writing and acting. I'm sorry I just discovered it the end of last season. As for Edward and Jacob, even I am hooked. I'm starting book 2.

Mrs. Bryant said...

When you mentioned the whole Katie Holmes hair cut thing a few weeks ago at Sunday dinner, I have to admit, I had my doubts. But now that I can see the picture of her cut next to the picture of you on your blog -- I say go for it! I think it would look absolutely stellar.

Really, it would look so chic and classy. It's making me want to cut and die my hair!

Abby said...

That's funny because I've been wanting to cut my hair but I keep talking myself out of it. Katie has me inspired, as well as the most amazing "What Not to Wear" makeover I have ever seen. But they cut it boy short. I don't think I could pull of boy short with big ears.

I think you should do it. (Although I love your hair long!)

Sarah said...

Abby, YOU inspire too. Your short new look is fab! You are thinking of going shorter? I think you'd look great and what big ears are you referring to? Never seen 'em.

I love what not to wear! I don't think I saw the episode you are referring to.

nie nie said...

when are you headed to ut? i love the hair. do it

Heidi said...

Yes, it is a small, small world! Liz (Rutter) Jergensen is one of my closest friends! Melanie Jones and I were roommates in college. Tell her hello for me! We still stay in touch, but it would be fun to hear it from you! Matt Rutter and his wife also live near us here in Nor. Cal. so we get together with them as well.
I have met Nancy a few times and obviously hear a lot about her from Liz. So, is she your sister in law? Did I catch that right?
Any way! Fun connections!

Sarah said...

we need to get together. We missed you yesterday! We are leaving the Monday after conference. Are you going up soon too?

Nancy is my sister Emily's sister-in-law. I will tell Melanie hello. They are moving across town pretty soon.

Abby said...

Thanks, BUT my hair is not really short. It's just in a ponytail every time I'm in a picture.

How deceptive of me.

Emily said...

Is it wrong that I don't know what muck lucks are? When I figure it out, I will let you know if I am wearing them.

Can't wait to see y'all. Has Mark put us on his agenda?

Emily said...

What about St. George Yukon?

jennifer said...

I'm finally crossing over the great blogger/nonblogger divide and posting a comment--very liberating! Quick responses:

1) I'm absolutely flattered that my name and b-day appeared in front of the world on your blog--your coveted recognition is better than a card!

2) Are you referring to Edward in "Twilight?" I read the first book and have to say (please forgive me): I didn't really like it. LOVE that an LDS mom wrote it, though. Glad it's a hit! Just didn't do it for me, personally.

3) Am deeply, passionately in love with Jim Halbert. Make no secret of it to my hubby. There's just something about a boy so doe-eyed over a girl that's endearing. Do you agree? "The Office" is the best thing to happen to TV since Seinfeld. By the way, Derrick totally agrees with Mark about the Jim/Pam storyline, but as you can tell, that's the main reason I watch the show.

4)You would look every bit as a gorgeous as Katie Holmes with that haircut. It's completely glamorous, just like you. Go for it! I'll be expecting to see it (and, more importantly, you!) in January! :)

Sarah said...

Jen, I am so glad you crossed over. I didn't seee a link to YOUR blog. I am excited for that!

You might be the only person I know who has not been bitten by the vampire love story bug. Seriously. Way to stand your ground. Everyone tells me I've got to read them for the page-turning, simply written storyline. We'll see.

Can't wait to see you in Jan! And to see your sassy/witty blog. No pressure.

Nancy said...

I was just thinking how much I liked your hair the way it is, but it would look cute short too. And yes, you would really like to read about Edward and Jacob!