Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Very soon, we will be taking a little family vacation to the great SALT LAKE CITY/PROVO area to see my father-in-law and 2 sisters and to enjoy the fall weather - YAY! My husband, a native Utahan, knows all the good fly fishing spots, but not necessarily all the entertain-our-kids-all-day and provide-some-good-shopping-for-me spots. We've done the usual downtown/LDS and Park City tourist stuff many many times, and may even do them again. But I am also looking for NEW family friendly ideas. Two venues on my itinerary so far:
Gardner Village (Fun shopping and Halloween witches everywhere)
Sweet Candy Company (They give tours and make THE best cinnamon bears)
Never been to either one.
Also on the list:
That Provo candy co. that makes those fabulous round suckers we had at our wedding reception. I cannot remember what it is called????
Maybe ice skating at the Bountiful ice rink? (Did they tear that down?)
Maybe the planetarium?
OK, you UTAHANS, If you have any other shopping or kid-friendly ideas, please let me know.


wendy said...

Thanksgiving Point

The Children's Museum

Maybe Hogle Zoo (depending on the weather)?

Clark Planetarium (I have no idea if that is how you spell it)

Sarah said...

What exactly is at Thanksgiving Point? Shopping? I thought it was more of a reception center.

Courtney said...

Thanksgiving Park has a dinosaur museum, some gardens, shopping and a few different food places.

Emily said...

Which of these days do we get to hang out with you?

Abby said...

I want to hang out with you on the Sweet Candy Company day.

Sarah said...

Any and all of the above sistas!

Emily said...

I'm in for Sweet Candy Company. Can we do that Friday, because the kids will want to come? The website says to make an appt for a tour. Also, the Bagleys will be here Thursday and were planning on going to Gardner Village then. We could potentially go on the same day, so the kids could see both sets of cousins, sort of.

The Thanksgiving dinosaur museum is good, but pricey. They have an Imax that might be fun for the kids. Also, the Monte L. Bean Museum is fun for kids, and free.

Also, I've been wanting to drive the Alpine Loop to see the changing leaves. Will you bring the kids to Provo on Tuesday, so we can play with them while you're at the wedding?

Melissa said...

All I can say is - take me with you! I love utah and the weather.

Emily said...

Sarah, do you have any watermelon salt-water taffy? I don't know if I have enough.