Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Monday was all about Owen.

He wiped his boogie nose all over me, coughed on me, slept on me, insisted I hold him all day long, insisted on helping dispense motrin, and refused to eat his favorite meal ("pizza and sa-leed").
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

What did Owen want for his birthday?
big green bouncy ball
radio flyer scooter

check, check.

NYPD Cheese Pizza
Ceasar Salad with fresh parmesan and croutons
sippy cup full of milk
chocolate frosted cupcakes with fresh strawberries
cookies and cream ice cream
..................all food per Owen's request.

Fun Owen facts:
  • Carries one of many toy dogs around with him all day long.
  • Born one week late on his cousin Jane's birthday, and one day after uncle Neil's.
  • Obsessed with the vacuum.
  • Very sweet and cuddly and loved by Dee-Dee, Don-Don + Molly.
  • Loves "umping" on the trampoline.
  • Has already become an independent little boy with his own plan.
I love you my sweet, boogie-nosed 2 year old!


Abby said...

Yeah! I loved reading about the O-meister. Does he really eat salad? I'm impressed!

Sarah said...

He always wants it on his plate. Sometimes he eats lettuce, always the croutons.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing the birthday boy's day with us. I hope he's feeling better. Amye

Emily said...

Happy birthday, sweet Owen. We miss you!

Sarah, how did O know he wanted a Radio Flyer scooter?

Family Journal said...

How lovely that he is easy to please! Cupcakes and straberries sound like the ultimate birthday treat!

Naylor Family said...

I can't believe he's 2! I remember running into you at Costco when you were over due thinking "what in the world are you doing here?, how can you still move?" what a cute little boy!

Sarah said...

I feel it necessary to give some credit for this post. I thought for sure someone would clue in on the nienie-ness of it all. I guess it wasn't as obvious as I thought. Click on the "Jane" link. This post was meant to copy that one. Because they have the same birthday and all...Stephanie, hope you don't mind...

Abby said...

Totally see it now. Cute idea!

Also, Molly has bangs. She looks so preteen! Tell her I think she looks fabulous.

nie nie said...

so happy to share this happy day!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Owen! What a cutie-pie you are. And Sarah, you're hair cut is cute, too :)

I guess if you want your post to have that nie-nie signature look you'll have to circle things and type them in courier!