Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't be jealous that I met Jason Marsden

Who is Jason Marsden, you ask? You know him better than you think.

Do you recall Rich on Step By Step? He was J.T.'s friend who moved in with the family after becoming Dana's boyfriend? (Yeah, that sounds healthy and normal.) He's the short guy (5'4")in the front. If you are one of my younger siblings, don't even try to tell me this wasn't on every Friday night at the Godfrey home in the mid-90's.

And what about Max in A GOOFY MOVIE? Yep, that's Jason's voice. He's been in countless other forgettable movies, commercials and TV shows. But I think now he mostly does voice-overs for the Disney Channel and Disney cartoons.So here's how it went down. Last week we enjoyed 2 lovely days at Disneyland with our friends the Lees and the Smiths. The highlight was getting into the park for free and then eating our hearts out at the exclusive Club 33 for a pretty penny. {Thanks again Pepper!} Club 33 is a private, semi-hidden 5-star restaurant in the French Quarter that only members and their family, friends and clients can use. Beautiful fine-dining ambiance, impeccable service, and exclusivity, make it all the more enjoyable. And if you're interested, there's a 5 year wait list to become a member, along with a hefty membership fee and monthly dues.

As I prepared to take this iconic photo at the "secret" entrance, I stepped into a crowd of foreigners on a self-guided headphone tour, and in front of a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair. I know, rude. I thought I could be lightning-quick. Then I heard him say, "Excuse me" along with members of my own party telling me to get out of the way. But since my camera was being stubborn and wouldn't take the shot, I stayed firmly planted until the flash finally cooperated. I then stepped out of the way...for JASON MARSDEN pushing his mother-in-law, and very tall wife, who were also heading into Club 33. Only Ashley, with her eagle eye and keen star sense, could later identify this man and piece the whole story together.
As we entered the restaurant lobby, Jason cheerfully asked, "So are you all enjoying yourselves today?" We were the only other party there, so of course I count this as an official meeting. A few of us chimed in, affirmatively. Later as we took pictures of our dreamy lunch venue, we unknowingly captured our friendly star in the background. That's his cute wife, Christy in the white cap and braids, his mother-in-law in the orange (don't ask how I know that - the whole thing is unexplainable except to say that Ashley is keenly aware of her surroundings and has a fantastic memory and sense of hearing), and Jason with the long hair (pony tailed) in black behind Jay. Oh the speculation and fun we had recounting the happenings at Club 33 that afternoon. Mostly picking Ashley's brain and surfing the web via Derrick's phone.
Jason Marsden citing confirmed by all sources.

Jen + Derrick, Ashley + Jay, Mark + me


Abby said...

I am fascinated by this whole experience. I love celebrity sightings! I am also fascinated that you guys recognized him. I mean, nobody watched more TGIF than I did, but I don't think I would've known him.

Emily said...

I've never seen Step By Step in my life. I don't know...maybe I couldn't see the tv through the flipping pillow?

Abby said...

Sarah, Heidi Klum and Seal were at Disneyland the day after you left.

Sarah said...

We didn't recognize him either. Honestly, Ashley just reprocessed the whole event and came up with Step By Step and A Goofy Movie on her own. BTW, he also starred as DJ's rich boyfriend on Full House.

Emily, I was long gone by the time this show aired. No more flipping pillows. And I am ebarrassed to say I have seen SBS, in boredom and desperation, and it was not good.

How do you know such things?

pepper said...

I went to Jason's birthday party in Burbank about 14 or 15 years ago. Maybe it was his 16th, but I don't remember exactly. My friend Mandy invited me to go with her (she got the actual invitation from Jason who her parents had taught at their acting school.
The only other people I remember being there were his friend Michael Weiner who was in Mr. Saturday Night with Jason, and the Olsen twins. I remember thinking I was so very cool!

pepper said...

By the way, I am glad to hear you enjoyed your time at club 33.

Sarah said...

WHAT? You've partied with the Olsen twins and Jason Marsden? You're practically a celebrity? I'm curious. Were gifts given? If so, what do you bring a child star for his sweet sixteen? I need more details...

pepper said...

I don't remember gifts being exchanged. Maybe Mandy took something. I do remember thinking that Jason had the hots for Mandy; and Jason, Michael, Mandy and I spent most of the night together. There was even dancing involved. We did go out to the Olsen twins car before they left and they sang a song for us all, and I remember thinking they had pretty incredible voices. Then I remember on the way home we, Mandy's Dad, got stopped at the first Drunk Driving Stop I had ever seen. I was just excited that the stop meant my night was lasting just a little bit longer. All in all a pretty wonderful night for a 15 year old.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I hadn't heard any of this before, Sarah. The picture of the 6 of you is great! Beautiful people, all!
I loved Emily's comment. I was on her same track with Step By Step. I guess I've heard of it, but could tell you nothing about it.
Your encounter reminds me of my brush with fame with what's his name, the CSI guy, that I stood in line with at the Museo Prado in Madrid, except I had no idea I was 6 inches from one of TV's hottest stars until we returned home and Emily had done some sleuthing. What is his name, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. David Caruso. Amye

Jen said...

Sar--perfect recap of the day's glamorous events! As a privileged witness, I can attest to its truth (not to be confused with "it's truth," but that's another comment about tips, tip's, greedy service people, and apalling misuse of grammar.) I must confess, I pretty much missed the entire JM episode. Was unaware that I saw him, can't for the life of me remember a single episode of SBS, have never seen "A Goofy Movie," and still can't remember/spell his last name unless I look it up. I figure this is a metaphor for my entire life--just a little left of center from everything ("Is this a ROLLER COASTER?) I just smile and laugh loudly, hoping to appear engaged with the (always) intellectually superior people around me.

BTW, what the HECK am I wearing in this Club 33 photo? I look like a well-fed mummy! I want it on record that that shirt is actually quite cute when worn short-sleeved as it was intended, but it was so cold in L.A., I had to do the Shade thing underneath to stay warm. I am so sorry for dragging down the fashion average of our group--luckily, Sarah and Ashley were there to raise it back up!

Could not have had more fun with you guys. Derrick informed me that we girls did not stop talking ONCE the entire weekend. The silly man sounded a bit surprised at this! He had a blast, too--thought Mark was great! Why can't we live closer?

GREAT post!

p.s. Owen is absolutely edible!

Family Journal said...

Wow, wow, wow! That sounds like so much fun! I agree. Ashley is so intelligent, and keen with details. It makes me want to turn into a freak and follow her around! I love having conversation with her. It is so refreshing to have someone to talk to that is on that level. And she can get along with anyone! You are like that too,though, for me! That was a neat story. And, I am loving the white hat lady behind you guys in the picture! HA!

Anonymous said...

I love that you and Sarah have reconnected, and that you had such a great weekend together! It warms my heart. Amye

Becky said...

Admittedly I've never seen Step by Step OR the Goofy movie, so I would never have picked up on his celebrity status.

However, there are no kids in your Club 33 picture. Does this mean you got to do Disneyland sans children with just your own friends? How cool is that? What a fun trip!

And now we know Pepper is extra cool since she's your connection to Club 33 and the Olsen Twins. Tres cool, Pepper.

Sarah said...

Jen, You look beautiful!

Becky, yes, it it was 2 days sans children. It was lovely!