Monday, April 28, 2008

magic show

For our anniversary, we decided to try House of Tricks in Tempe. It came highly recommended by Liz and several others. It did not disappoint. The outdoor gazebo ambiance was completely lovely. The food was delish.
I had the
Spring Mix and Green Apple Salad with French Feta, Toasted Pine Nuts, and Lemon-Sherry Vinaigrette
and the
House Selection of Aged and Soft Cheeses with Seasonal Fruits and French Bread - {I'm a sucker for brie, and cheese in general}
and he had the
Australian Grass Fed Filet Mignon with Asiago Mashed Potatoes, Oyster Mushroom Demi and Pepita Aioli
{I can vouch for the mashed potatoes' tastiness.}
SIDE NOTE: It would have been a good trick if my husband was a full-fledged mind reader and thus would have intuitively known of my desire to stop at Urban Outfitters before leaving the Mill Avenue vicinity. A good trick indeed. But I digress.
white linen tablecloths
romantic outdoor dining
satisfied taste buds and stomach
adoring husband who WOULD have stopped if he'd known, but only reads minds part time
a magical night


elizabeth said...

gotta love urban.

glad you liked it! we sure did. I'll have to try that cheese platter. sounds divine.

Abby said...

yum! i am eating a dried mango right now, but i'm pretending it's an australian grass-fed filet mignon.

i think we are getting an urban outfitters here soon and i cannot wait! have you seen their one-piece swimsuits lately? oh wow.

Sarah said...

yes. they are darling!

Alice said...

We went to "Tricks" for our anniversary a few years ago, and we still talk about it. In fact, I think that I'm the one who told Liz about it when she was looking for a job. We need to stop talking about it and go back!

amyegodfrey said...

The food sounds wonderful!

Family Journal said...

I love their CHICKEN ceasar sallad. The dressing is delightful. They used to do a cucumber soup that was grand, but no more. DARN. I am also a lover of brie. I have a great brie sandwich recipe, if you want it! Too yummy!

Sarah said...

Aimee, your a Tricks fan! Yay! I was tempted by the ceasar salad. You just can't go wrong there. I'd love your brie sandwich recipe!

Becky said...

House of Tricks played on on me last summer when I tried to go there for my anniversary and they were closed for a summer break! And so I've never tried to go back. Most glad to know its worth seeking out and I'll try again. Sounds delicious and beautiful! Only a good Urban fix could have made it even better!