Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm a junkie

I consider myself a long-time Jelly Belly aficionado. I can identify each of the 49 {or 50} flavors by taste alone or by color alone. Go ahead,challenge me. I especially enjoy bubblegum, cantaloupe, Dr. Pepper, juicy pear, licorice, orange sherbet, pink grapefruit, a&w root beer, sizzling cinnamon and tangerine. I do not eat: cafe latte jelly bellies. or cappuccino. or chocolate pudding or peanut butter BLECH! {really not good to eat them in the dark-too many surprises.} It's a shame these flavors are on the menu. Also, is there really a need for lemon AND lemon drop? cinnamon AND sizzling cinnamon? strawberry cheesecake AND strawberry daiquiri AND strawberry jam? Can you say REDUNDANT? However, overall the flavors are consistently potent, pure, and generally delicious. So yesterday I finished my 2.5 lb mothers day bag. Took me 11 days. Do the math. I know, I have a problem. I did share a very few with Owen and few more with Mark {Body For Life does not include jelly bellies on its food plan}. A few means only a few. I really do have to take credit for the whole shebang. The older kids didn't even have time to know they were missing something. I NEED HELP!


Abby said...

i'll help you. send the next bag you get on over to me and i'll take care of it.

and hello? butter popcorn is not a favorite of yours?

Sarah said...

It used to be a fav, but I think I overdosed at one point. It's still on the good list.

I can always count on you to comment Ab! Thanks for reading and caring.

Family Journal said...

I think your Jelly Belley obsession is so great!

I was just going to say! BUTTER POPCORN is my favorite. Those are the only ones I like anymore. Used to be a big Jelly Belly fan. Until the sweet tarts jelly beans came out a few Easters ago. Now, only the Popcorn Jellies for me. Is it possible that I have upset your blogs "Jelly Chi" by suggesting that there is a tastier jelly for me??

amyegodfrey said...

I'm amazed you can recognize them all by sight and taste. I like them, too but not on the obsession level!

JenJ said...

This obsession reminds me of another....hmmmm....can you taste those peach, semi sweet semi sour gummi candies that used to ALWAYS be available in the candy drawer????

Sarah said...

When you say candy drawer, are you speaking of a drawer in our apartment? Because I'm not sure I ever knew about such a drawer? Sounds like legend to me.

I do remember you buying me junior mints and other treasured treats so I could have Sunday candy. But no drawer.

JenJ said...

YOU totally had the drawer and you seemed to ALWAYS have those peach gummy sugary things in it!!!
I don't remember the junior mints. Isn't it funny what we remember!
Anyway, Your jelly belly fettish is totally classic.

Emily said...

Also classic: Sarah and stocking up for Sunday candy. How are you so skinny??

jennifer said...

I'd like to second Emily on that one: how ARE you so skinny, Sarah? Oh yeah, because you have fantastic genes (Emily, you're also guilty of this, and Amye, you started it), and I'm beginning to suspect you eat nothing BUT jelly bellies. If so, good for you! You are a champion for us mothers everywhere who are supposed to be setting a good example for our children and are closet junkies ourselves. Why can't healthful family eating be the dad's responsibility for awhile?? (Can you imagine...)

Really cute post, by the way. And I am impressed--Willy Wonka couldn't surpass your candy skills!